Saturday, January 20, 2018

Noah's 14th

Today is Noah's 14th birthday!
Noah was our 13th grandchild and 8th grandson!
He is a very important part of this large family
and, of course, a very important part of this beautiful family.
I wrote about Noah on his birthday last year in this post and following the links back to previous posts will tell a lot about Noah's past.  So I'll just post a few pictures here to show how he's changed through the years

and talk about what's been going on in his life during the previous year.  In late January, he and Anna went to an ISSMA competition and Noah got gold in two choir ensembles, a band ensemble, and a band solo.
Noah and Anna are both amazing singers and their performance in the Hibner family talent show in Gulf Shores this year was nothing short of amazing!
Noah's interest in chess took a leap this year too!  He has competed in his first few public tournaments and qualified for the state chess competition in Indy which happens next week!
During the summer, Noah was lucky enough to vacation in California with his dad and in Florida with his mom.  I asked if he had any pictures from these trips and he sent me this.  (It's the only one he had but it does show him leaving California.)
Although Noah has always excelled on the baritone, this year he also took up the trombone so that he could be in jazz band since a trombone fits better in a jazz band than a baritone.  And he has done very well with it.
Also, over the holidays this year, Noah vacationed with his large, extended family in Gulf Shores.  Here are two pictures that show what an agreeable, affable young man he is no matter what crowd he's hanging with at any given time.

Which brings me to the things I want to say about him that having nothing to do with what he's doing.  He's very smart, very courteous, and very centered.  He's kind and considerate to his siblings
and loving and fun to be with to his younger cousins and second cousins.
He responsible, thoughtful and does his chores without complaint.  All in all he's a wonderful grandson and we could not love him more or be more proud of him.
So happy birthday, Noah!  We're hoping this birthday is your best one ever 
but only half has great as the many, many more to come!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jack's 9th!!

Today is Jack's 9th birthday!
Jack was our very first great grandchild!
He's an important part of this giant family
and an important part of this large family
and, of course, an important part of this amazing family.
I wrote about Jack on his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will take you to a link that eventually leads to other links of posts I've done for him since he was born.
Here's a small series to show how he's changed through the years.

And here's what's been going on in Jack's life during the previous year.  First of all, he enjoyed the small vacation his family took to Splash Universe in April.
He loves the water and has become a very good swimmer.  So good, in fact, he's even tried to give his mom some swim lessons.
And he's followed in his dad's footsteps and has developed a great love for football - both watching
and playing.
He's also become an excellent fisherman

pretty much independent when it comes to switching lures, bait, and getting the fish off the hook.
He loves nature and being outdoors

and playing all sorts of sports.
He also loved visiting Alligator Alley in Gulf Shores this year and holding an alligator for the first time.
And of course the visit with the big extended family was a highlight of his year too.

Jack has continued to do well in school and he's loving third grade.  His best friends are Shane, Noah, and Owen.  He loves reading and, although he's great at it, math is his least favorite subject.
But there's lots more to say about Jack than what he's been doing.  He's a wonderful, sweet, and loving boy!  He's great with his siblings,
smart, and helpful;
and always a pleasure to be around.  So Jack we're wishing you the happiest birthday ever and a year that's even greater than the one you just had.  We love you and couldn't be more proud of the wonderful great grandson that you are!