Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catherine Elizabeth aka KATIE!

Katie is our 8th grandchild and 3rd granddaughter.  Yesterday she turned 15!
Katie was born at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo the second of 4 children and the only girl.
Katie is a very important part of this very large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
Here she is 'through the years'.

Although these pictures clearly show how beautiful she's always been on the outside, they don't tell the whole story about Katie because she's also beautiful on the inside.  She's helpful, loving, kind, and smart.  For example, we were visiting about a year and a half ago and went to an awards ceremony.  You can imagine our pride as we watched her walk across that stage multiple times to collect her medals.
She's also very athletic.  With her height and physical prowess, she's a natural for volleyball.  I mean I'd shudder to think of being on the receiving end of a serve like this.

 And then I can't imagine trying to get around a block like the one she's putting up here.
But she's good in other sports too as you can see by these candid shots of her as a young football star.

And there is so much more to love about Katie.  She's the sweetest, nicest, most fun-loving girl in the world.  She's naturally poised and polite, and is an asset to any group or gathering.  We love her very much and although this post is a day late it's no less heartfelt.  We're wishing her a year full of dreams come true and amazing new experiences.  Happy Birthday, Katie, just a little late.  We love you very much and couldn't be more proud of you!
P.S. I have to give photo credits to Dave, Katie's dad, because many of the best shots in this post we captured by him!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lori Anne

We didn't know on November 17th, 1969 at Holloman AFB Hospital that the beautiful little creature that we were blessed with would be the start of such a dynasty.  She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful baby every born.  Our joy was beyond measure.

And she has been a blessing since that wonderful day back in '69.  Here is Lori, our firstborn, through the years.

The pictures show how she's changed over the years but they don't tell you enough about what a wonderful person she is and always has been.  Here's a glimpse at the real Lori.

We should have know how helpful she'd be when she got bigger and that she'd always be the expert at doing everybody's hair.

And we should have known what a family girl she would grow up to be because she always loved all four of her grandparents SO much!

 So it was no surprise when she welcomed her little sister, Amy, the moment she laid eyes on her.
 And that she has stayed close with all three of her sisters.
And her brothers (no matter how silly they were all acting when I was trying to get this picture).
She has always been very social and enjoyed get-togethers with both sides of her family.
She was born on the same day as her cousin, Marianne, only 1500 miles away from her.
 She was the captain of the Peanut Gang bowling team that won the league championship.
 An important squaw in this indian tribe.
 And captain of her high school cheerleading squad.

And there was never a time when she wasn't a fashionista

 But the most important parts of Lori's life are shown below.

 And as much as she's always loved her littles, her life was never quite right until she met this guy. 
That was
when we met really happy Lori.

 Lori is a very, very important part of this very, very large family.
And the MOST important part of this smaller family. 
 And there so much more about Lori that no pictures show.  She's intuitive, kind, helpful, smart, and has a beautiful, loving personality.  She was a great kid, teenager, young mom, and has become a wonderful all-around person.  We're inordinately proud of her and wishing her her best birthday yet and a year that surpasses all other.

Happy Birthday, Lori!  We love you so much!