Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jenna Corinne

Jenna's birthday post is very very late and that's just wrong because Jenna was very very early.

She was born nine years ago Wednesday. I didn't get to be there for two reasons. One - I was at work. And two - she was born by emergency c-section after a premature separation of the placenta at 33 weeks.

And my she was tiny.

She was born weighing just over 3 pounds but soon dropped below. We were concerned for awhile but she was strong and she was a fighter and within a few months, she was looking so much older.

And by her first birthday, she had pretty much caught up with other babies her age. Except that instead of birthday cake, she got..... peas!

Not really! Just tricking. On her first birthday, she got birthday cake just like everybody else and she enjoyed it with great relish.

When she was very young, she enjoyed a lot of the same things that other children like but somehow she seemed to take everything just a step further. For example, she didn't just play with pots and pans, she joined the pots and pans and became part of them.

One day when she was about 15 months old and had never taken her first step, she was outside watching the other children play.

When she decided to stand up.

And start walking. Just like that!

At age one, she was watching TV with her big brother, Jeremy....

At two, she was showing signs of being a model with a great sense of fashion

Also at age two, she met her new cousin Anna - not knowing that someday soon they would be fast friends.

Years have passed and many interests have started to grab her attention....

But some things have remained the same. Anna and Jenna continue to be BFF's..

And Jenna continues to be a beautiful little girl.... who is tiny but strong and mighty.

She loves to help out the new kids in school, the younger kids, and anybody else that needs a helping hand. Her teachers love her as much as her family (both at home and extended) and we're all proud of the wonderful girl that she has become.

So Jenna, Happy 9th Birthday! I'm sorry it's late but it's no less heartfelt. We love you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Capture - Colors

Once again Beth's You Capture challenge has taught me something.

There is virtually no color in my house. And outside the color is .... white. I've always been an outdoors kind of girl. I'm not too interested in making my house beautiful because I don't have good taste like that. I don't know why I never got it and I'm not sure if maybe somehow I could develop it; but for now it's just not there.

So I had to go to the playroom for color. And I could pretend that I found color in nature because the animals in their bin had some color:

And there was color in these ducks but I guess you couldn't call it nature.

Then there are the Legos. So cheerful and colorful and they show how creative grandsons can be because they are used ALWAYS to create rifles and pistols and machine guns in every shape and size. So even if you don't buy guns to play with........ you know. Just so you know.

And then there were the teapots. One I bought at a yard sale last summer and one was given to me many years ago by a customer in the tavern where I worked. He found it in a junk pile and thought of me. ....... huh?

But there are things I like about this photo. I like that I had to stage it and use my tripod and turn off all the lights to cut down on shadows and I like the color copper. Also, I feel like there's a message there. These teapots might be about the same age but one was cared for. The other looks so much older because the color is faded and covered in years of built up grime. And I wonder... is that what makes old people older than they should? Exposure to the elements, lack of care, faded out color? Yikes!

For more 'color' shots, visit Beth at ishouldbefoldinglaundry and maybe you'll catch the spirit and join the challenge. It can be very revealing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anna Helen

I decided at the beginning of the year to post about each of my grandchildren and my great grandchild on their birthdays. My only trepidation was that I might drop the ball somewhere and fail to do all of them but I decided to try it anyway. I was off to a good start until Anna's birthday which was the 25th. We'd had an unusually busy weekend and house guests that I was thrilled to be able to spend time with and I dropped the ball. Then, our modem or something went out and we haven't had internet since yesterday evening and only intermittently today. I never dreamed that my resolve (along with Comcast) would fail me during the first month of the year but now I'm picking up again where I left off and this post will be all about Anna Helen who turned 7 on Monday.

Seven years ago, Anna's mom, two of her sisters, and I were in Chicago to welcome Anna into the world. Even though it was five weeks sooner than she was expected, no child was better prepared for. Here's a glimpse of her room:

I wish I could include all the nursery pictures but there are too many and then I'd have to leave out pictures of her.

Although, she was five weeks early, she was beautiful and perfect and weighed 5 lbs, 9 oz. Our joy turned to concern though, when shortly after she was born, she was in the NICU and looked like this:

I can still see Beth's love and pain as she gazed at her new daughter for the first time.

Soon, though she was home and perfect in every way:

At one year, she was bright and adorable. You couldn't look at her and not fall in love: (and she already had a baby brother!)

At two, it was becoming obvious just how bright she was because she noticed EVERYTHING!

And at three we realized that not only did she notice everything but she remembered everything:

And at four, five, and six we enjoyed her quirky, cheerful personality.

(And also when she was six, her mother became a photographer and produced beautiful pictures like this one!)

At seven, Anna is a beautiful fun-loving girl with her mother's sense of humor. She's intelligent, thoughtful and loving and she's going to be a big help when her new little brother arrives.

So Anna, even though I've said it before and this one is a little late:

Happy 7th Birthday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Capture - Love Around Your Home

I couldn't possibly do a post of things I love around my home without including the baby koi that we've invested so much time and effort into. The fact that I don't really love them that much anymore doesn't mean that I don't love the idea that we finally had that spawning that I was anticipating with such fervor. I could go on and on but I won't. I'll just include some of them.

Then, there's this grouping that I look at often. Like Beth, the birds represent for me little ones that I'll meet someday. The pictures were taken in younger days and show our big, little family when it was just getting launched.
And how could I post about things I love around the house without including my husband's balls.

They represent innumerable vacations, all over the country to places where our sons were stationed. And believe me, they've been around. Although, I haven't started golfing yet, I accompanied the golfers and took scads of pictures of the men in my life having the time of their lives. If Beth, ever does a You Capture featuring golfing photos, I'll be all set.

For more pictures of household treasures, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry. You'll find lots of beautiful photos and an invitation to participate.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Noah Daniel

Six years ago today, Sarah and I accompanied Beth and Brian to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to welcome Noah into the world. We knew we wouldn't be in the room when he made his first appearance but we also knew that we would be close by and we were. He was brand new when he got to the nursery and he was beautiful. At 10 pounds he was a grandchild record holder and he looked perfect. But as we watched through the nursery window we saw a drama begin to unfold. We saw his Daddy look loving and concerned and more nurses hovering around and checking him than seemed normal.

And before we knew it he was getting ready for his first road trip, by ambulance, to the NICU at a bigger hospital.

It was hard to believe that such a robust, healthy looking baby needed to go there but he did. Fortunately he thrived and two weeks later he was home where he belonged.

At about one year of age, his all-time favorite toys were the rings of his stacker toy. He couldn't get enough of them. He'd start with several and throw them so that they rolled across the floor. I know now that he was probably counting how many times he could roll them perfectly and always striving to break his records. Then I thought he just liked to watch them go. Who knew he was a budding mathematician?

By age 2 he had moved on to more sophisticated toys but ones that also involved numbers.

By age 3, he had a mind of his own and knew just what to do when things didn't go his way.

Less than a year later, his interests had become very high tech and he was good at everything he did. He was also even-tempered and, win or lose, he was always ready to go again.

At just shy of five years old he was the sweetest little New Year's celebrator you every saw.

And now, at the ripe old age of six, Noah has evolved into such an amazing, beautiful soul. He's adorable beyond measure and his personality can melt any heart. There's no one more loving and more considerate than this sweet boy. And he still loves math.

And I think it's wonderful that he's very kind when he corrects me if I have the date wrong or make a little mistake in my arithmetic.

So, Noah, have a very Happy 6th Birthday! We're so blessed to have you in our family!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Superbaby Turns One

One year ago today I was lucky enough to join my daughter and grandson-in-law in the room where my granddaughter was going to deliver her first baby. That labor was ...well laborious. I saw my granddaughter reach way down deep and pull up strength and stamina that I didn't know she had all so that she could avoid a c-section. She did what I don't think I could have and it was dramatic and emotional. I don't know when I've been so proud of her. Of course, when she got to that transition part, she was begging for a c-section but we all know how crazy we get at that stage of labor.

Jack was finally born and we all wondered if he would be the Superbaby that Mr. Right had dreamed about.

And as it turned out, I think he might be.

Here he is at eight months, watching TV with his cousin:

Jack was walking at 9 months. But by 10 months he wasn't just stepping from place to place or person to person. He was walking all over the place like it was his job:

Also at ten months it began to appear that he was destined to be a rock star someday. He could handle a guitar like nobody's business:

And he even did some dancing while he played:

He's also very loving especially to his Great Grandpa who seems to get more sweet baby hugs than anybody:

He can throw a ball and say lots of words.... especially ball. And he's the sweetest little great grand baby we've ever had.

So Jack Victor, keep on smiling!

'Cause we can't wait to see what you're going to do next year!

Happy Birthday, Superbaby!