Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Capture - Colors

Once again Beth's You Capture challenge has taught me something.

There is virtually no color in my house. And outside the color is .... white. I've always been an outdoors kind of girl. I'm not too interested in making my house beautiful because I don't have good taste like that. I don't know why I never got it and I'm not sure if maybe somehow I could develop it; but for now it's just not there.

So I had to go to the playroom for color. And I could pretend that I found color in nature because the animals in their bin had some color:

And there was color in these ducks but I guess you couldn't call it nature.

Then there are the Legos. So cheerful and colorful and they show how creative grandsons can be because they are used ALWAYS to create rifles and pistols and machine guns in every shape and size. So even if you don't buy guns to play with........ you know. Just so you know.

And then there were the teapots. One I bought at a yard sale last summer and one was given to me many years ago by a customer in the tavern where I worked. He found it in a junk pile and thought of me. ....... huh?

But there are things I like about this photo. I like that I had to stage it and use my tripod and turn off all the lights to cut down on shadows and I like the color copper. Also, I feel like there's a message there. These teapots might be about the same age but one was cared for. The other looks so much older because the color is faded and covered in years of built up grime. And I wonder... is that what makes old people older than they should? Exposure to the elements, lack of care, faded out color? Yikes!

For more 'color' shots, visit Beth at ishouldbefoldinglaundry and maybe you'll catch the spirit and join the challenge. It can be very revealing.


  1. I love the teapots! My husband has a set of copper cookware, and it is so beautiful when he shines it up really well. Almost as beautiful as when he uses it to make me yummy food.;)

  2. I love beautiful copper pieces...almost as much as silver! You have was just hiding!

  3. Having kids around is awesome. If you can't take pictures of them, take pictures of their stuff!

  4. I also love the copper tea pots, and their contrast.
    Hooray for kids' toys, that's what rescued me this week too! Wonderful captures!

  5. I love that much of the color in our lives comes from our children! Thanks for sharing.

  6. The teapots are it! I love the grime!

  7. I love the teapots. That copper is beautiful!

  8. I have the same bin of animals. And legos are pretty standard for color shots! (I've done my fair share of practice on them, too.) ;)

    Gorgeous photo of the kettles.


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