Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grant Alexander - Through The Years

Today is Grant's 18th birthday. Grant was our third grandchild and second grandson.

Here he is, pictorially, through the years.

Over the years, Grant has had many interests and participated in a wide variety of activities.


But when ROTC Drill Team rifle handling caught his interest, there was no going back.  He grabs every spare moment to get in some practice - no matter where he is.

 Grant is a great guy and an awesome big brother.

He was cool when he was little.
  And I think he's pretty cool now.
And on that note, we're wishing him the happiest birthday possible.  He's an awesome son and grandson and he's about to embark on a bright new future starting with college at the University of Colorado Boulder this Fall.

Happy Birthday, Grant.  Hope this is the best one ever but not half as great as all those to come.

Monday, July 23, 2012

You Capture - Drinks

Beth's You Capture challenge this week is Drinks.  At first I hesitated, knowing I hadn't really indulged in any especially beautiful drinks this week and then I looked out at the birdbath and reminded myself it was really more for drinking than it was for bathing, and I knew I'd participate.

Before I get to the birdbath and other fortunately pertinent pictures, I'll share this one of a bird and a tree drinking simultaneously while I attempted to combat the unrelenting drought we were experiencing.

And then I'll move on to a more civilized Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch enjoying a cool drink.

And these bluebird siblings sharing a drink from a pool of water that obviously needed replenishing.

And finally, I looked at the pictures that that we took Sunday morning as we said goodbye to our youngest and her family as they departed for their home in Louisville.

In this first one, I asked Mr. Right to hold my coffee so I could take a picture then I included him in the picture - coffee and all.

And finally the one of my sweet daughter (who timed her visit to help me celebrate my birthday) enjoying her coffee before she left.

For more 'Drinks', visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amber Lynn - Through The Years

Amber was born 24 years ago today - one of the most exciting and special days in our family's lives.

Here is Amber, pictorially, through the years.




It was at this point where things really began to change with Amber.  All of a sudden she went from being our little granddaughter to being our grown-up granddaughter with a brand new life of her own.

And things continued to change quite quickly after that.


But some things never change.  For example, we should have known that she'd always love animals.

And that she'd always be a performer and enjoy a little attention.

And that she'd always want to be part of a large family because she truly loves her mom and stepdad.

And her mom and siblings

And her mom and all her aunts.

And her uncles.

Oh, and did I mention her mom?  Yeah, she might be a bit of a Momma's girl.

Amber also enjoys.....hats.....of all kinds.

I had to throw in a few of her 'hat' pictures, not because they're her most beautiful pictures, but because they show what a fun, happy, quirky girl she is.

Amber's always smiling and always a wonderful person to be around.  She's an amazing mother, cousin, sibling, daughter, and niece but most of all, she's the granddaughter that any grandparent would be lucky to have. I thank God that he chose our family to bless with her.

So Happy Birthday, Amber.  I hope your 24th birthday is your best one yet but only half as good as the 70 or 80 to come!