Monday, July 16, 2012

You Capture - Black and White

Beth's You Capture challenge this week is Black and White which I soon realized wasn't as easy as it sounded.  It seemed like just a matter of converting my favorite color shots to black and white but I soon found out that not all beautiful color shots convert beautifully to black and white.

Here are the ones that I thought did the best starting with backyard wildlife.

And of course the birds - sometimes dramatic.

 Sometimes small and busy.

 And sometimes just neighborly.

On Saturday we went to Redamaks, a favorite local restaurant in a nearby resort town, and while we waited for a table, I snapped a few pictures.  Eli was a favorite subject.

And Eli talking it over with his grandpa was an even better one.

 And I am ........

For more Black and White photography, visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.



  1. nice pictures - those birds look lie they've really got something to say to one another, i also love your birdhouse!

  2. Love how black and white seems to focus on the subject and take all the distractions :) Cute little rabbit there!

  3. That first bird shot - amazing! So beautiful! And I love that Eli looks like a mini version of his grandpa. I have a similar shot of my son and my dad - they look like two peas in a pod and it makes my heart smile!

  4. Really love your black and whites. I love the bird on the bird bath with his wings spread, the hummingbird and the one of Eli and Dad. Oh, and the rabbit, squirrel, birds arguing and the OUT sign! Great job!

  5. Okay, the image of Eli and Dad talking? HOLY CRAP. Cutest photo EVER.

    And those are some Angry Birds.


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