Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tessa!

Today is Tessa Mary's birthday. I first wrote about her for her fourth birthday here. Because of a day overflowing with activities at her house, her mom helped me by getting the answers to my interview questions. Remember, the pictures that I insert may or may not pertain to the questions that I'm asking. Here's how it went:

Happy Birthday, Tessa! How old are you today? 5!

Do you feel older than you did yesterday? Yes!

Did you have anything special for breakfast today? I had a Barbie cake and opi-meal.

What do you usually have for breakfast? Ummmmm, strawberry opi-meal. It's my favorite!

Did you do anything special for your birthday at school? I drew a beautiful thing at Art and everybody sang Happy Birthday to me and I gave everyone candy!

Do you like being in Kindergarten? I really love it.

What do you like best about it? My rest and read time. Sometimes I read but I really rest. I'm tired.......

Are you still going to dance class every week? Yes.

Do you like that? Uh huh.

What do you like best about it? I like when we can have free dance.

Do you like having two big brothers? Yep! I like playing with them when they're silly.

What do you like to do when you play outside? That race game with Evan.

How about when you play inside? When Daddy plays on Nick Jr. with me and Sprout too. I like putting my Barbies to bed too.

What's your favorite animal? My favorite animal is giraffes! I have a pink one. I like that baby wallaby - he was soft.

What's your favorite color? PINK!

What's your favorite sport? I like running. I'm on a running team with my school! I wish I got a 57 though (bowling?)

Do you have any best friends? Well, Mary from Grandma's house and a girl in my class that I like her dress. I don't know her name.

Do you like having lots and lots of cousins? Yes, but sometimes it's noisy.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ummmm, 5!

I know you went to Disney World this year.

What did you like the best about being there? I like Cinderella. She's my best friend too. And I like the Ariel show.

And you visited Indiana this summer. What was your favorite part of that visit? Playing with Mary.

Are you going to do anything special tonight for your birthday? I absolutely will! I have lots of presents on the table!

What are you going to have for dinner? CAKE!

Are there any special presents that you hope to get for your birthday? I hope I get a pink princess dress and the spensive Barbie that Momma said I couldn't have the last day at Wal-Mart.

What else can you tell me about yourself? I love swimming and I like helping Momma make in the kitchen. I like reading books and my favorite one is the Gingerbread Man from my school.

She's reading with her Uncle Daddy in the last picture while her Daddy was in Iraq.

And of course she was too modest to mention that she's one of the sweetest, gentlest, most agreeable little girls you could ever know. She'd share her last Barbie with you and is amazingly patient when trying to teach her Grandma her princess video game. She's loving, kind, and incredibly smart; and, we love her so much!

So Tessa, Happy 5th Birthday! We hope it's your best one ever and they keep getting better and better.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dane

One year ago today was a very happy day in our family. In Garden City, Michigan - only about 3 1/2 hours away - our second great-grandson, Dane Robert, was born. Yes he really was this cute right from the get-go.

I suspect that his parents had some secret hope that he'd be a boxer some day because they always seemed to have his gloves on.

But he never seemed to mind. He was just one of those babies who took everything in stride.

As cute as he was, he did seem to be a somber little guy though.

Even dressed up as a pea pod didn't seem to amuse him as much as it did everybody else!

There was no doubt that he was very loved though. His parents seemed very pleased with who they had produced.

And his big brother was happy to take on the role as Dane's big brother. He still refers to him as "My Daney". It's very cute.

And that traditional 'good-bye' family portrait got even more beautiful with four in it than it had been with three.

And Dane was rapidly learning new skills like propping himself up on his adorable little elbows.

And doing whatever he had to do to get in extra good with his great grandpa.

And developing this super cute look to win everybody over whenever he wanted.

And being the center of attention in every crowd.

And not getting too mad when his mom put girlie sunglasses on him.

And just generally being an easy-going fellow.

And, no, I don't think this is a sign of things to come. (There's just no way he's going to be an Old Milwaukee drinker. lol - Sorry Grandpa Tracy)

But I do think he'll have his own boat some day - wait! He already does.

And I do think he'll be very athletic because he's already walking all over the place and that's after showing off his new skills just about three weeks ago.

And I do think he'll always be close to his big brother.

And most of all, I think he'll always be successful because he's so smart and so good and has such an easy, winning smile.

So Happy Birthday, Dane. I know it was the best one ever and I hope they just keep getting better and better!