Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting DC

One good thing about being in my sixties and retired is the freedom. If someone needs a helping hand halfway across the country, I've only to get in the car and head out there and when that helping hand involves grandchildren and a daughter-in-law that I seldom see and a son in Afghanistan who I'd do anything for, I'm even happier to have that freedom.

So yesterday I drove out here to DC. And today I call myself babysitting. Really, I'm just sitting here and taking pictures while the three older kids do all the entertaining of the 3-year-old. It couldn't get any easier.

Matthew, the nine-year-old, helped with breakfast and Zachary's morning toilette. He knew all of Zach's preferences and was extremely helpful.

Eleven year old Katie got Zachary dressed and played with him almost all morning. When Zachary wanted to ride his bike, it very much involved Katie.

But she was very sweet about it and even took a turn herself.

When Zachary was ready to scoot on his scooter, guess who helped him:

That's right. Katie, again.

And when Zachary was ready to play football/soccer/basketball, Katie was there to retrieve the ball, kick it back to him, and keep him off the street.

And yes, he dribbles equally well right or left handed.

Katie also helped guide me through lunch. As she and I were discussing what a good eater Zachary was, she was opening a granola bar while he helped himself to the chips on her plate. I said, "he is a good eater. He's even eating your food". And Zachary, who you'd never believe was paying any attention to our conversation at all, said, "Yeah, we share".

After lunch, Zachary thought to play a little soft basketball in the house before his afternoon nap. He chose David for that game. David played with him very nicely and cheerfully until time for Zachary's nap and then he took him upstairs and tucked him in.

After that, he helped me with some of the confusing aspects of using a touch pad instead of a mouse on my laptop and settled down to relax for awhile.

And I'm writing this post and taking pictures and thinking "Really? You call this babysitting?".

I call it vacationing in Virginia right next to Washington DC. Me and my bandaged up nose. But that's a story for another post.


  1. I know you're so glad to be there! I love Zachary's kicking form! all those kids are such athletes!

    and WHAT? David looks sooo incredibly old and tall and old and tall and .... well, he looks REALLY tall, for sitting :)

  2. I'm so glad you get to travel and visit whenever you want, it seems like we've all been waiting so long for the day when you could have some freedom finally! It's been a long time coming! The pictures of the kids are so great, they are all so pretty/handsome! ...and athletic! Your description of Katie reminds me of Patty, so patient, kind and helpful! Thanks for sharing your day!!


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