Friday, December 22, 2017


Yesterday was Trey's 8th birthday!  (This picture was from his birthday party last year!)
Trey was our 18th grandchild and 11th grandson.
He's an important part of this very large family
and of course an important part of this very beautiful family.
I wrote about Trey on his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will take you to links to all his previous posts showing lots of pictures and telling lots of little things about him.  So I'll just show a few pictures here of how he's changed over the years.

and talk about what's been going on in his life during the past year.  First of all he's in 2nd grade and doing great.  His teacher calls him a book monster because he cannot get enough to read!
He played soccer last summer and was an intense, competitive, and focused player

and was a very good sport even when he wasn't playing.
Also, he ran Cross Country last fall and did an awesome job, played coach-pitch baseball last summer, and built amazing Lego structures over Thanksgiving weekend.
But it's not so much what he did that I want to talk about.  It's more about what an exceptional boy he is.  He's very thoughtful, helpful, and eager to please;
and enthusiastic.... about everything!
including showing off his dancing skills at the Christmas house.

He has fun with all his cousins - big and little
and he's genuinely fun to be around.  All in all, you couldn't ask for a smarter, sweeter, more cooperative, or loving boy!  That's why we love him so much and are so very proud of him!  So Happy Birthday, Trey - just a day late.  We know your day was amazing because you told us so and we're hoping that the coming year is your best one yet but not nearly as great as the many, many more to come!

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Last Sunday was Harry's birthday.
Although we had been traveling for several days at that point, we actually ended up at Dan and Teresa's house in Florida just in time to celebrate.
Harry is an important part of this large family
and an important part of this core family
and of course an important part of this little family.
And I have to mention that he's an important grandpa to these amazing children
and an important great grandpa to these also amazing children.
I wrote about Harry for his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will take you to all his previous posts that will show and tell a lot about Harry 'through the years'.  Therefore, I'll just post a few pictures here to quickly show how he's changed.

and talk about what's been going on in his life during the past year.  First of all, we spent the holidays in Gulf Shores again.
 And then we went to Sanford for a few months where we only golfed as often as we possibly could which was almost every day.
While we were there we went to Sea World with the Dan's where we got to exercise our legs really well.
and in April we visited the Dave's.  Here's Harry walking Zac home from the bus stop.
Also in April we went to our nieces amazing wedding where we were the last couple dancing in the anniversary waltz.

Then in May we went to the tulip festival in Pella LA and enjoyed a wonderful visit with the Lori's.  (unfortunately I wasn't a very good picture taker last year so this shot if from the same festival the year before.)
In July we worked on sorting out things that we had stored and keeping a Big Blue Heron out of the koi pond and in August we attended Jeremy's high school graduation party and also the campground where the Amy's stayed and the Amber's also visited. (Here's Harry with Knox at the campgrounds.)
In September and October we worked to refinished my grandparents' table and chairs and sorted more stuff.  It's been a busy year for sure and it just flew by!  So rather than talk more about the things we did, I'd like to talk about the things that Harry is.  He's kind, considerate, thoughtful, and conscientious.  There's nothing he wouldn't do for his family and especially me.  I'm a very lucky woman and I couldn't tell in such few words all the reasons why.  But I'll start with the fact that he's my very best friend and someone with whom I can share all my feelings, hopes and dreams.  So Happy Birthday, dear Harry.  I'm sorry it's late but I know you understand and don't mind at all.  I hope the coming year is better than any so far but not as great as the many more to come.  I love you!