Monday, December 19, 2016

Harry Robert - Yesterday and Today

Saturday was Harry's birthday!
Harry is a very important part of this very large family.
 And a very important part of this smaller, large family.
 And an even more important part of this small family.
I wrote about Harry in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015; and those blog posts tell a lot about Harry 'through the years' - how he has and hasn't changed at all.  And the following pictures will show how he's changed physically 'through the years' - sometimes changing a lot in a short time and sometimes not changing much at all.

So now I'm going to talk about Harry's todays - what's been going on in his life for the last year or so.  First of all, about this time last year, he met up with some old softball friends who happened to be on the Elston High School State Basketball Championship team.
Then he joined the family (by leading us there as the lead driver in our little caravan) in Gulf Shores for our annual holiday family get-together.
Then he packed us up and headed for Florida for a few months.  While we were there, we were visited by good friends, Rosanne and Larry.
We visited Blue Springs State Park a few times
 where we saw manatees,

and tons of birds (some with really green eyes).
We golfed a lot

and were visited by Beth and the kids which resulted in us getting to visit Disney
 and Universal Studios (and, yes, he really is in this picture).
We also visited Dan and Teresa who were visiting the Tampa area to look for a house and we got to accompany them on part of the search.  (Here are Dan and Tessa at their hotel pool)
In April we visited Dave and Patty in Virginia for a few days
On the way home we were able to visit Dave where he was going to Colonel school in Carlisle, PA. Here's the basement of the century old house where Dave had an apartment in the spooky attic.
And in May we spent a few days in Pella, Iowa with Lori and Marcus to enjoy the annual Tulip Festival.
Then in June we headed for Norfolk VA for Dan's graduation from Colonel school
 and to help him in his move to Tampa where he would join up with Teresa.
From there we headed back to Virginia for David's high school graduation.
On the way home, we were able to visit the beautiful Juniata Campus where David was already attending his indoctrination.
In July we had a wonderful visit from Amber and our five great grandchildren.
And in August we visited Amy and her family at their Waffle Farms campground in Michigan.  Amber and her family were also there so we celebrated three birthdays in one evening (Tracy, Chris, and Dane's).
September was fairly quiet but in October we were able to attend and celebrate the birth of a brand new great grandson, Knox.
November was Thanksgiving and December sees us planning and preparing for our upcoming trips to Gulf Shores and Sanford, Florida.  So you can see that Harry has had a very busy year.  
And there's more I should say about Harry.  I've said it all before but it becomes truer and more obvious every year.  Harry is considerate, kind, loving, meticulous, and helpful.
He like's bike riding (at least he's done it once since I've known him.  lol),
grand babies and great grand babies,
and the Cubs - yesterday
and today!
He's a good athlete and a good sport.  Last year at the Christmas house the boys were going to put a spell  on him and he ignored them so they thought to take it a step further.  Here's out it played out and resulted in one of my favorite pictures of all time.

So he's definitely fun-loving.  And he's easy-going, sweet and just about perfect.  I am so blessed to be able to spend my life with him.
So happy birthday again, Harry.  I hope it was half as wonderful as you which would mean it was amazing.  I love you!

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