Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Harry

Today is Harry's 67th birthday.
He was born at St. Anthony Hospital in Michigan City about 5 1/2 months after me.  His mother had a doctor's appointment that day and had just gotten home on the bus when the contractions started.  She barely made it back to the hospital in time.  Harry was their third child and first son.  And he was a real cutie.
A little while ago I conducted an 'in-person' interview with him and here's how it went.
Happy Birthday, Harry.  Are you having a good day?  Other than having a cold, I'm having a real good day.  What have you done so far?  I slept in and had carrot cake for breakfast.  Are you thinking about seeing a doctor anytime soon for this cold that you've had for weeks?  It's always a possibility.
Do you have any special plans the rest of the day?  We're going to have a nice dinner at William B's.

I know you're the grandpa of 20 grandchildren and the great-grandpa of 4.  How do you feel about that?
Proud.  It's kind of mind-boggling when you think about it.  It's not something you would have foreseen in your future?  No not at all.
What do you like best about it?  Just looking at them and watching them grow and how much each one of them changes.

What were the highlights of the past year.  This has been my first full year of retirement and it has been great.
What do you like best about retirement.  Not having to get up early every day.
Are there any drawbacks?  None!
How do you feel about both your sons being in the Army?  It's pretty awesome and at times pretty scary.

Do you have any special goals or plans for the coming year?  Play more golf and play golf with you. 
And we're really looking forward to being in Colorado when Dan gets back from Afghanistan.
What can you tell us about yourself that most people might not know?   I like all the Chicago Sports teams.    Except one.
I like sitcoms and we enjoy American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.
 And every single night I have to have a bowl Doritos.
And that was about all I could get out of him.  But there's lots I could say about him.  Harry's a sweet, easy-going guy.  He not only enjoys his grandchildren but he has a real way with them.
He loves his kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and his wife.
He's a good driver and it's a good thing because he's driven us all over the United States.  He's one of the nicest guys I've ever known and one of the smartest.  And best of all, he has a sense of humor that's quirky, clever, and unexpected.  Harry's a wonderful person, father, grandpa, great grandpa and husband.  And I'm one very lucky girl.

So Happy Birthday, Sweetie.  I hope it's all you deserve and more and I hope the coming year is your best ever but not as great as the many years to come.  (Oh, and if you're not feeling much better tomorrow, I'm dragging you to the doctor.)

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