Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bluebird Feeders

We got our bluebird feeder a few years ago and I'm pretty sure that for the first year, we never saw a bluebird in it.  Steve, my brother, had also given us a bluebird house that he built and it went unoccupied for about a year too.

Then they came and they've been the most delightful birds to watch EVER!  They're very social with one another and although somewhat shy, not so much that we couldn't get lots of pictures.
The interesting thing about a bluebird feeder is that the bluebird is the only bird that can figure out how to get into one.  I found that hard to believe but now I'm pretty sure it's true because I've never seen another species figure it out.
As you can see, the robin wants in but just can't get in.

I love it especially when I see two blue birds in the feeder at once.  Usually when one comes in, the other leaves but in a sweet social kind of way.
But sometimes, the bird that's there first isn't all that happy to welcome an interloper.
Usually though they get along quite well together.
There are times, however, when even a bluebird has trouble figuring out how to get in.  You can see the new one entering the scene near the top of this picture.
 And when he lands, he lands in the wrong place.
And seems completely stymied as to what to do about it.
In this series of pictures, the confused bluebird never does figure out how to get in, but I'm pretty sure that I'll eventually come to a series of pictures showing the parents diligently trying to teach the fledglings the ins and outs (literally) of a bluebird feeder.  When I do, I'll post it too.

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