Monday, September 17, 2018

Tessa's 12th

Tessa's birthday was August 24th.
We were out of town then and when we got home, we got ready for house guests who were coming to help get our house ready to potentially sell.  It's been a busy time and this is the latest I've ever been with my birthday posts.  Unfortunately the posts for three of my favorite people are terribly late and Tessa's is one of them.

Tessa was our 16th grandchild

 and 7th granddaughter.
She is a very important part of this large family
and a very important part of this smaller but beautiful family.
I wrote about Tessa on her birthday last year in this post and visiting that post will take to you links to all her previous posts which tell lots about Tessa and show how she's changed 'through the years' so I'll just post a few pictures here


and concentrate on what's been going on in her life during the past year and what a year it's been!  
Last summer, for the first time, Teresa fostered homeless kittens for a rescue organization and Tessa was very helpful with all of them.
In fact, one of those orphans was adopted by Tessa.  Here's her beloved Oreo almost a year later.
Then, while they were getting used to their enlarged pet family another visitor intruded on their lives.  Irma, a massive hurricane that threatened the entire gulf coast forced a prudent evacuation and Dan, Teresa, Tessa, Chewy, and all the felines ended up in Nashville.  Despite the stress of wondering what was happening to their home in Florida, they managed to make their visit a much needed and relaxing getaway.

 In October, the family visited Universal Studios

and later that month there was a visit from Tessa's cousin, Parker, from Muncie.  Such a wonderful treat since she doesn't get to see her Muncie cousins as much as she'd like.
In November, they visited Disney's Port Orleans where Dan and Teresa were in a race but there was plenty of time to enjoy the venue!

Then over the holidays there was the traditional visit with the large extended family in Gulf Shores.
and where she got to spend some quality time with her best cousin/friend, Mary.
Over the winter they even managed to pay a few visits to us while we wintered in Sanford.
and we all met at Universal Studios one night for dinner and a short visit.
In February, Dan and Teresa were in a race at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Evan and Tessa were along to enjoy the amenities.
and in April there was a visit to what was probably Tessa's favorite location, Disney's Saratoga Springs where Dan and Teresa ran the Star Wars race.  What a great weekend they had!
Amazingly while all these adventures were going on for Tessa, there was a big move underway.  Dan was being reassigned to Savannah, Georgia and they actually slipped away one weekend to pick out and buy a beautiful new home.  Tessa finished her school year in Lithia and here she is on one of her last outings with her best friend, sweet Jailynn.
And in what seemed to be a blink of an eye they moved from here
to here.
Shortly after that was Dan's Change of Command
and I watched as this poised sweet girl stood beside her parents and her brother greeting guests like it was her job!

And just prior to the Change of Command was a quick flight to Muncie for her cousin, Michael's, wedding.

In July, there was a much anticipated and enjoyed visit from Grant!  Here they are in downtown Savnnah
and here they are, being their very fun selves in downtown Savannah.
and after that, they spent some time at the Lodge where the good times continued.
And in August there was a visit from Tessa's cousin Mary who lives in Louisville.  They had a busy fun filled week

and spent their nights in the tent city they created in the bonus room upstairs.

They met Mary's Dad halfway between Savannah and Louisville so that Mary could return home and on their way home, Tessa and Teresa enjoyed a short vacay in Asheville, North Carolina where they stayed at the historic Princess Anne Hotel.
And this is probably news for next year's post but since this one is so late, we're going to go ahead and include it.  School started and Tessa very much wanted to make the volleyball team.  She'd tried out in Lithia and although she did her best, her lack of experience kept her from making the team.  When she got to Georgia she made it her business to make the team.  She worked so hard and here she is in her uniform.
And that tells you so much about this exceptional girl!  She has so much character and so much determination and she's so brave!  How challenging it must be to not only go to a new school but to go to a new school in a new state where literally everything is different.  But she's there and she's doing well!  I already knew she had no fear though because even the Hulk doesn't scare her.
She's a gentle, sweet, loving girl who's mature beyond her years.  She's also very generous and obviously always has been.
And she's very very loved and obviously always has been.
and there are some things that just never change.
So, Tessa, this birthday wish is way too late but it couldn't be more heartfelt!  We know you had a wonderful birthday and we know you'll have a wonderful year ahead!  Happy belated Birthday!  We love you and could not be more proud of you!