Friday, June 29, 2012

Robins Are Almost Human or Vice Versa

At first I thought they were just two robins hanging around under the bluebird feeder looking for dropped meal worms.

Then I thought they were just two robins squabbling about something as all birds sometimes seem to do.

But when I looked at the pictures, I realized that it was an adult robin and a fledgling robin and the fledgling was demanding food as all youngsters sometimes do.

And then I missed the shot where the actual transfer took place but now it appears there's something in the fledglings beak that used to be in the adult's beak.

And although this pictures is blurry, the fledgling looks satisfied and so does the adult.

And while the adult looks on to be sure he doesn't lose it, the fledgling turns away to get a better grip and begins to gulp down the morsel.
And then the adult looks at the camera as if to say, "See, the bird world is similar to the human world.  Young people are grabby and demanding and adults are patient and loving".

That is how it is in the human world, isn't it?  At least that's how I choose to remember it - not the youngsters grabby and demanding - mine were always angels.  But, the adults patient and loving?  Always!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zachary Garrett - Through the Years

Zachary Garrett was born on June 26, 2008 on his cousin Jeremy's and Aunt Teresa's birthday!  And it was like deja vu that we felt like we got a present for Jeremy and Teresa's birthday.  One that just keeps on giving.

Here's Zachary through the years - and since there are only 4 of them to work with, I've chosen pictures from approximately every six months.


And now here's a little bit about Zachary.  (Also I've made a decision that since his birthday post is a day late, he gets extra pictures!)

Zachary likes David,
 And Matthew,
 And Katie.
 And he really likes Mommy,
 And Daddy,
 And combing his hair.
 He likes to be cool,
 Wear party hats,
 And eat ice cream cones.
 He enjoys school work and hanging out with his cousin Jack,

 building muscles,
 and gardening.

 His favorite activities are scooting,
 and bowling.
He always tries to find time to play sandbox with David,
Soccer with Katie,
and basketball with Matthew.
He's interested in everything,
 and is very photogenic!
 But most importantly, he's an all-around very nice, sweet little boy!
So Happy Birthday, Zachary.  It might be a day late but it couldn't be more heartfelt.  We love you and can't wait to see you again!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jeremy Andrew - Through the Years

Thirteen years ago today, Jeremy was born on his Aunt Teresa's birthday!  Wow!  It was like we all got a special present for her birthday and it's one that keeps on giving.

Here is Jeremy, pictorially, through the years.


That was Jeremy pictorially through the years and here are a few other things that are interesting about Jeremy.  He loves his sisters.

Both of them.
He loves his family - all of them.

Including his niece and newphews.
And his cousins -
  He loves to fish.
Play games.
And play baseball.
He also loves animals.

Is a good student!
And is in the school marching band.  In addition to all that, and most importantly, he's one of the best kids you could ever meet.  He's kind and loving, hard working, honest and just an all around awesome person.

Jeremy, we couldn't be prouder of you.  We hope your birthday has been absolutely awesome and that your whole year follows suit!