Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zachary Garrett - Through the Years

Zachary Garrett was born on June 26, 2008 on his cousin Jeremy's and Aunt Teresa's birthday!  And it was like deja vu that we felt like we got a present for Jeremy and Teresa's birthday.  One that just keeps on giving.

Here's Zachary through the years - and since there are only 4 of them to work with, I've chosen pictures from approximately every six months.


And now here's a little bit about Zachary.  (Also I've made a decision that since his birthday post is a day late, he gets extra pictures!)

Zachary likes David,
 And Matthew,
 And Katie.
 And he really likes Mommy,
 And Daddy,
 And combing his hair.
 He likes to be cool,
 Wear party hats,
 And eat ice cream cones.
 He enjoys school work and hanging out with his cousin Jack,

 building muscles,
 and gardening.

 His favorite activities are scooting,
 and bowling.
He always tries to find time to play sandbox with David,
Soccer with Katie,
and basketball with Matthew.
He's interested in everything,
 and is very photogenic!
 But most importantly, he's an all-around very nice, sweet little boy!
So Happy Birthday, Zachary.  It might be a day late but it couldn't be more heartfelt.  We love you and can't wait to see you again!

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  1. What a cutie, even from the moment he was born...he was such a beautiful baby!! There's nothing better than watching him play with Jack, they were the cutest pair! Happy Birthday, Zachary, we love you and miss you!


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