Monday, June 4, 2012

You Capture - Sky

Beth's You Capture subject this week is sky and I should have been VERY prepared because we got to observe the sky from Indiana to Colorado and then back again.  But I wasn't.  There are far too many distractions when we're visiting the kids or even driving in the car.   (I definitely should have left my Nook at home.)

I did however get a couple of what I thought were interesting captures - sky anomalies that I thought were just too good to be ignored.

The first one is not just about the beautiful Colorado sky a few scattered clouds but the interesting shadows those sky-high clouds cast one the mountain below.  It was interesting watching how the cloud shadows completely changed the look of the moutain.

The second one I took on the way home.  I wanted to wait until there were no wires to distract but the formation was changing so quickly and there were so many billboards ahead that I had to take it while I could.

I should have more but I don't.  To see more, though, you'll want to visit Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry for some unbelievably beautiful Sky pictures.


  1. I love these! What a few with those mountains!


  2. Gorgeous! I could almost feel the mountain breeze on my face. :)

  3. Love the greenery in the first one, and the cloud shadow - crazy how clouds can do so much :)

  4. Your shots are beautiful! Nice job!


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