Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dan's Change of Command

We recently traveled to Colorado Springs to attend our son's Change of Command ceremony where he would take over the reins of a proud and honored battalion.  The ceremony was all we expected and more - full of pageantry and tradition.

When we first arrived at the parade field that morning, we detoured to the headquarters location where Dan and Teresa would be hosting a reception following the Change of Command ceremony.  Here they are preparing and re-checking to make sure everything would be ready.

Then we headed for the parade field where the entire battalion waited and the viewing stands filled up.

I got Dan's attention for one last shot before the big event.

Here we see Dan (on the right), his new Brigade Commander, and the past Battalion Commander (on the left) standing at attention. 
The Calvary was represented and here they are approaching the viewing stand where the past Sergeant Major's wife was presented with a bouquet of flowers and Teresa was presented with a bouquet filled with fully bloomed and newly budded flowers representing the new experiences and learning moments in her husband's upcoming command.

Next the outgoing Commander and his Sergeant Major along with the new Commander and his Brigade Commander inspect the troops.

After that the Battalion flag along with it's very significant streamers is transferred.  The Brigade Commander takes the flag from the outgoing Battalion Commander and hands it to Dan.

Next the three key participants approach the podium to delivery their speeches.

Dan's was meaningful, heartfelt, and laced with humor.  It's no wonder it was so well received.
Finally the entire Battalion passed in review including the Division band.

While we headed to the reception area, Dan paused for pictures and interviews.

Here Teresa poses with two other military wives who were invaluable helpers from the planning stage all the way through the reception.

After the reception, Dan took us on a tour of his offices.  Here's the flag which will remain in the Commander's office throughout his command.  Each streamer contains the name of a location where this Battalion has seen action dating all the way back to the late 1800s.

Here's Teresa trying out Dan's new office for size.  It's interesting to note that numbers represent the positions of the staff in any unit.  When Dan and Dave were Company Commanders they were Dawg 6 and Apache 6.  So the name of this battalion is the Vanguards and consequently Dan is Vanguard 6 as you can see on his desk.  The fascinating and significant thing is that the Commander's wife also has a designation.  It is Household 6 which just give you an idea of the importance of the Commander's wife especially in dealing with the families of all the members of the Battalion.

 We took a couple of pictures in front of Dan's Battalion headquarters and then had a fabulous lunch (in our own dining room at a local restaurant) before Dan returned to assume his duties as the new Battalion Commander and the rest of us headed home.

All in all, it was one of the proudest days of our lives and one in which we mused on the amazing journey that led to this day.


  1. Oh Mary, how proud you must be. It must have been an amazing day. Thank you for raising such wonderful men who are so dedicated to serving our counrty.

  2. This whole post just choked me up the whole time. I just can't get over that he is my little brother! I feel so proud when I read this and look and the pictures! And the picture of Teresa at his desk? I think it's the most beautiful picture of her I've ever seen! WOW!


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