Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trey Cooper

Our 18th grandchild and 11th grandson, Trey, was born 5 years ago today in Louisville KY!
Trey is a very important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
Here he is 'pictorially' through the years.
Trey is loving, sweet, smart, athletic, and above all fun-loving.

Especially fun-loving.  I mean how could I do a post about Trey without including this short video from a recent musical program at school.   (Note.  This video may only show up on your computer as opposed to handheld devices.)
So, because of all these wonderful attributes and because we love him so much, we're wishing him the best birthday EVER and a year full of more performances and lots more fun!  Happy Birthday, Tray-B!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Harry Robert

Well, here it is.  One of my favorite days of the year.  It's the day that Harry is as old as me and stays that way for almost 7 months.  Happy Birthday, Harry!
Harry is a very important part of this large family - in fact, he's the patriarch!
And he's an even more important part of this smaller, core family.
And an extremely, indispensable, vital part of this very small family.  (How did that happen?)
Now, here he is 'through the years'.

And here are some things about Harry that the pictures don't show.  He likes sports - especially football (the Bears), baseball (the Cubs forever), and Golf.
And he doesn't like any golf better than the golf he plays with his sons.
He's a loving grandfather and great grandfather.  (This could be any of his grandbabies - he adores them all.)
And these could be any of his grandchildren (he adores them when they get bigger too.)

He can be oh so silly with the kids which they love.

And almost all of the little ones have practiced moving their mustaches just like Grandpa.
He'll tackle any task get it done right.
He even gets along well with his many grandpets. (Pretty well anyway.)
 And at charity events, he always holds his balloon the right way.
Seriously, that's the kind of attention to detail you can expect from Harry.  You can also expect him to be kind, patient, loving, and understanding.  He's also clever, quick-witted, and understated waiting for just the right moment to insert his very funny 'zingers'!  I'm so happy to celebrate this day because it reminds me of what a lucky woman I am to share my life with him.
So I'm wishing this extraordinary person and near perfect husband the best birthday possible and a year full of surprises and happiness.  Happy Birthday, Harry.  I love you so much!