Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Joy

We're lucky enough to get to spend Christmas morning with Jenna and Jeremy, our grandchildren from Belleville MI.  We always enjoy it and I always take the pictures.  In fact, I think I've designated myself the official Christmas morning photographer.

This year Santa brought extra special gifts for the kids and I took pictures as they opened them.  Yesterday as I went through the December pictures looking for appropriate shots to include in Jenna's birthday post, I ran across the 'special gift' pics and every time I look at them I smile.  Therefore I'm sharing the sequence.

You'll see that Jeremy is excited and happy but Jenna?  Jenna is overjoyed and overwhelmed.

I'm glad Santa went a little overboard this year because these images will stay with me and make me smile for years and years to come.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jenna

Today is Jenna's 12th birthday.  She's our tenth grandchild and our 4th granddaughter.  Jenna was born at 33 weeks gestation and weighed 4 pounds 1 ounce when she was born.
Although she's always been tiny, she's now growing into a beautiful young lady.
A little while ago, I conducted a short phone interview with her.

Here's how it went.
How does it feel to be 12?  Good.  So does that mean you're a teenager now?  No!  That's why there's a teen on the end of thirteen.  That's when you're a teenager.

Are you having a good birthday so far?  Yeah.  And what have you done that's special?  We went to Chuck E. Cheese.  What did you do there?  Played games.  Who'd you go with?  Amber, Chris, Jack, Dane, Aubrey, and my friend, Keayra.  Is she in your class in school?  No, I know her from Softball.
 Has softball season started?  Yeah, just practice.  Do you enjoy it?  Yep.  You're on a new team this year how do you like that?  It's better. 
Did Jeremy go to Chuck E. Cheese?  Yes.   You've always been close with him right?  I guess.  Is he a good big brother.  Sure.  Are you a good little sister?  Yep!
Who else are you close with?  Anna
How about your mom and stepdad.  Yes and yes.
How do you like being an aunt at such a young age.  It's fun.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess I just think it's fun.
Do you like school.  Kinda.  Why kinda?  Because sometimes it's boring.  What's you're favorite subject?  Social Studies.  Why?  It's easy.
What do you like to do in your free time?  Arts and crafts.
What do you like best about the week at the Christmas house?  Playing with my cousins. 
What haven't I asked about that might be interesting.  Nothing really.  How about things you like to do.  There's so many things if I told you all of them it would be too long.  Give me three.  I like playing softball.  I like Coloring.  I like shopping. 
And that was about it except that she admitted to being a huge One Direction fan.  (And you can tell by the shirt she wore for her birthday party.)
In conclusion, we're wishing this sweet, wonderful granddaughter a very happy birthday and a happy year to come.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anna

Yesterday was our 12th grandchild and 5th granddaughter's 10th birthday!  And tonight I conducted a short phone interview with Anna which was lots of fun because she was very chatty.
Here's how that interview went:
So for 5 days every year, you and Noah are the same age.  Do you like that?  Nope!  Why not?  Because it makes me look younger.  And you want to be older?  Yes, Yes I do.  How old do you want to be?  Just older than Noah.
Did you do anything special for your birthday?  Yes, yes I did.  What did you do?  I had a sleepover with my friends. 
Did you stay up late? Til 11:30ish.  And did you all sleep in today?  Yes til 8:07ish.

How do you like being a big sister to 3 younger siblings?  Fine.  What do you like about it?  I like to boss people around.  Do they like that?  No.  But, Eli doesn't really care.  He's like 'okay'!  
Do you like school?  Yes!  No!  Not at all.  Why not?  Cause it takes up like the whole week of my time just to learn stuff I already know. And I have to get up really early.  What's your favorite subject?  Going home. 
Seriously.  History.  Pioneer era.  Oh!  So the Little House on the Prairie books that you got from your mom and dad for your birthday were perfect for you!  Yes!  I'm still on the first book and the first time I took it to school there were Oreos that I forgot about in my backpack and my water leaked and now the pages are all brown.  But it's okay.
What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?  Play with my friends and go on my Ipod.  And my friends got me this really cool art set and I like to play with that.  It's like a suitcase full of it literally. And I like chewing gum.
 What do you like best about the Christmas House?  Seeing all my cousins.  And staying up on New Year's Eve.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  I don't know.  Either a singer, a waitress, or a cashier.
What have I forgotten to ask you?  What my favorite kind of gum is.  And what is it?  EXTRA Root Beer Float.  There's also Water Melon Fruit Punch and Orange Cream Bar.  They're all really good and my friends got me fruity stripe gum. It's awesome.
What else?  How much do I like One Direction.  How much do you like One Direction?  A lot a lot a lotRight now I'm wearing my One Direction shirt, my Niall necklace, and I'm thinking of One Direction songs.
Did you hear about the ice storm that's supposed to happen tomorrow.  Between 2 and 3 pretty much we're supposed to get freezing rain.  Which reminds me of another question.  What's your favorite channel on TV?  The Weather Channel!  They just came out with Coast Guard Florida and it's awesome.  And they already had Coast Guard Alaska but it's grosser.
And that was about it.  With some kids it's hard to get the shortest answer but I think I could have chatted with Anna all night.  She's funny and quirky and sweet and we're wishing her a very happy late birthday - maybe one that lasts all year!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Noah

Today is our grandson, Noah's 9th birthday.  Noah is our 13th grandchild and our 8th grandson.

Here he is as a newborn and as you can see, he was already a deep thinker.
A little while ago I conducted a short phone interview with him.  Here's how it went.
Do you feel older now that you're 9?  Yeah
And do you enjoy being the same age as Anna for 5 days?  A little.
Why?  Because sometimes she's mean because she's older but not very much.
Do you like school?  Yeah.
What's your favorite subject?  Math
And what do you like best about school outside of the subjects?  Lunch and recess.
(I think I was hoping he'd say "getting home".  LOL)
Do you like having a really little brother and a baby sister?  Yeah
Why?  Because they're so small and cute.

Are you a good big brother?  Yeah
How?  Ummmm because sometimes when Clara is on her car, I push her.  What about Eli?  We have another car so we race each other.
I'll bet he likes that.  Yeah
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An artist.
When you were really little, your favorite toys in the whole world were Stacking Rings.
Now that you're 9, what's your favorite recreational activity?  I like to play outside with my friends.
What do you play?  Sports.
What do you like best about staying at the Christmas House?  I like the countdown on New Year's Eve and I also like seeing all my cousins.
Is there anything interesting about you that I haven't asked about?  I want to learn to play the guitar and I got one for my birthday.
But there are other things interesting about Noah.  He's a wonderful grandson who's smart, sweet, athletic, and fun-loving.  And we're hoping his birthday was his best one so far but not nearly as great as the many, many more to come.
Oh, and one more thing.  He's still a deep thinker!