Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Noah

Today is our grandson, Noah's 9th birthday.  Noah is our 13th grandchild and our 8th grandson.

Here he is as a newborn and as you can see, he was already a deep thinker.
A little while ago I conducted a short phone interview with him.  Here's how it went.
Do you feel older now that you're 9?  Yeah
And do you enjoy being the same age as Anna for 5 days?  A little.
Why?  Because sometimes she's mean because she's older but not very much.
Do you like school?  Yeah.
What's your favorite subject?  Math
And what do you like best about school outside of the subjects?  Lunch and recess.
(I think I was hoping he'd say "getting home".  LOL)
Do you like having a really little brother and a baby sister?  Yeah
Why?  Because they're so small and cute.

Are you a good big brother?  Yeah
How?  Ummmm because sometimes when Clara is on her car, I push her.  What about Eli?  We have another car so we race each other.
I'll bet he likes that.  Yeah
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An artist.
When you were really little, your favorite toys in the whole world were Stacking Rings.
Now that you're 9, what's your favorite recreational activity?  I like to play outside with my friends.
What do you play?  Sports.
What do you like best about staying at the Christmas House?  I like the countdown on New Year's Eve and I also like seeing all my cousins.
Is there anything interesting about you that I haven't asked about?  I want to learn to play the guitar and I got one for my birthday.
But there are other things interesting about Noah.  He's a wonderful grandson who's smart, sweet, athletic, and fun-loving.  And we're hoping his birthday was his best one so far but not nearly as great as the many, many more to come.
Oh, and one more thing.  He's still a deep thinker! 


  1. Super duper interview! Love it as always...and he sure is one photogenic kid, wow!!

  2. Great interview! Hes so smart and mature:) I love all the pictures. Especially the one of him with his rings!! Too dang cute! He really did love those things! Happy Birthday, Noahy!! We love you very much and hope you had a great day! You deserve it, you're such a sweet boy♡



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