Friday, February 28, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 4

This is week 4 of Bacardi Mama's Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo challenge.  And it was a little more challenging for me than usual since I could no longer photograph the birds at our backyard bird feeder because of this predator.

So Mr. Right and I had to venture out and look for interesting things to photograph.  We found several and this was my favorite.  It's a shot of our frozen Michigan City harbor with the sun beginning to get low in the sky.
Of course there were several that almost made the cut including this one of the lighthouse.
And this one of the ice shelf and the lonely, now out-of-place lifeguard stand.
We liked this one because of the tracks in the sand and the ice shelf in the background.
And this one of the huge pile of snow half covered with wind blown sand had to be included because even the most depressing sights can have a silver lining.
And finally as the evening waned, I captured one last shot before it got too dark.  We like it because it almost looked like the woods were on fire.
That's it for this week but to see more favorite photos, visit Nancy at Bacardi Mama.  And for even more fun, join in.  We'd love to see your best shots of the week too!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 3

Today is Week 3 of Bacardi Mama's Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo challenge.  In this challenge our job is to choose and post our favorite photo from the previous week.  And I'm kind of going to do that.

I'm going to post my favorite picture as far as a difficult capture is concerned but it's certainly not a photo of my favorite subject.

Last Spring before we left on vacation the bluebirds were here in droves or maybe flocks.  And while we were gone, they disappeared never to return and we could never figure out why.  Well I'm posting a picture of why we're going to quit feeding the birds and why I think the bluebirds disappeared.

I opened the patio door curtains day before yesterday and was startled to see this creature sitting about ten feet away in our birdbath.  He immediately flew into a neighbor's tree which towers over our back yard and from about 60 feet away defied me to capture a photo of him.

All of a sudden it was crystal clear that while we were feeding the colorful little birds at our backyard bird feeders, the colorful little birds were feeding this predator.

And we'll no longer provide the bait that lures our sweet little songbirds into becoming such easy prey for this guy.

On the upside, when we quit feeding the birds, we can quit battling the squirrels.

On the downside, we know we should like all birds equally but it's painfully clear that all birds are not created equal.  Some are just plain deadly enemies of the birds we work so hard to attract.

For more Hit Me With Your Best Shot pictures, visit Bacardi Mama and for some real fun, link up and enter your favorite photo of the week.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot! - Week 2

Well it's Week 2 of Nancy's Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo challenge.  And once again I struggled to pick out my favorite picture.  I had cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, mourning doves, and, best of all, robins to choose from.

That's right.  Spring can't be far off given the fact that we've had flocks of robins in the back yard all week.  They're friendly and sweet and don't mind sharing with the birds that have been around all winter so the picture(s) I chose show how willing they are to be nice.

Not only were they tolerant of the little interloper squatting in their drinking water, they didn't even get mad when he took his splashy bath.  I love robins.

So now is a good time to share your pictures.  You can join up by starting your blog (and it can just be a picture blog) and linking up at Bacardi Mama's Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 2.

I hope you'll consider joining.  There are lots of people out there taking really interesting pictures and this is such a cool way to share them.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wade Christopher

The youngest member of our family, Wade Christopher, was born in Garden City, Michigan one year ago today.  Wade is our fourth great grandchild and our third great grandson.
Wade is a very important part of this large family.
 A very important part of this smaller, large family.
 And an even more important part of this small family!
Here is Wade, pictorially, through the year.

 Isn't he something?!!  You'd think after 20 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren it would all get pretty routine but I'm happy to say it never does.  Wade is just as precious and special to us the first grandchild (his mom).  We miss him everyday because he's so sweet and amazing and because he was the first one to wave bye bye at such a very early age.
We're looking forward to the coming year as we watch him continue to keep up with and sometimes surpass his amazing older siblings.  And we're wishing him a very, very Happy 1st Birthday!

Wade's very first blog post can be seen here

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beth Helen

Thirty-seven years ago today we were blessed with our fifth baby and third daughter.  That was a difficult winter as well and not only did Beth's birth bless our family, it heralded the end of that trying winter.

Ever wonder what makes Beth Beth?  Here's a pictorial history.
Little Beth
 Little Beth and her grandparents
 She loved all birthday parties even if they weren't hers.
 And she thought she was quite strong.
 She loved her very best BFF from back in the day.
And going to partays!!
 She never tires of teasing her oldest niece. (and her nieces dad)
 She knows how to sport braids and a miner's helmet.
She can be bossy
 But oh how she loves and always has loved her nieces and nephews
 She has the gift of gab.
 And she appreciates all her sisters and sisters-in-law.
 She's not shy
 And when she became a mom, oh my.  If Anna was on the floor, so was Beth!
 And then came Noah and who would have thought.  She loved him as much as Anna!
 She's always been close with her sister, Sarah.  (They're only 14 months apart)
 If she wins, she'd never gloat.  much.
 And before she became a photographer, she might have had aspirations to be a mannequin.
 She obviously passed on her sense of style to Anna.
 And she can dance like it's 1984.
 We've all heard of the 'no evils'.  When there weren't enough to go around, Beth made one up.
 She loves hanging out with Jim Gaffigan.
 And she loves birthdays.
 She's always had an eye for photography.
 She loves what the kids love.  (mostly) 
 And all at the same time Anna was 4, Noah was 4, and Beth was 4 months pregnant (with our darling James and Jake)
 Her eye for photography included the quirkiest shots. 
 And all of a sudden there was Eli.
and Clara
and photography

 Especially newborn photography.
 So you can see Beth loves having fun, all her babies, being original, her family, her friends, and her business and so much more.  Most importantly Beth loves.
Happy Birthday, Beth.  You're one of the best people I've ever known.  Your kindness, originality, authenticity, and love are boundless. I hope this is your best birthday EVER but not as great as the many more to come.