Friday, February 7, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 1

Today my good friend and fellow blogger started a new photo challenge.  Her blog is called Bacardi Mama and today's post can be accessed by clicking here.

The premise of her photo challenge is to post your best picture of the week and share it with other bloggers and Facebookers.

I had a hard time deciding on a very best photo so I'm actually posting three.  I just don't want to leave any of them out.

First of all cardinals are always fun to photograph but never more so than when the back ground is so white. This first one was shot on a blustery wintry day and I love that I caught one in flight and also how you can see the snow so clearly.

The second one was at a calmer time and this guy was wary of me but still couldn't stop eating.

And I've included the third one not only because it's so cute, but because it's so unusual to see a bird taking a bath when it's so cold out.  This one seems to be wondering what he just did.

So those are my shots for this week and I'm hoping the name gets changed soon to Hit Me With Your Best Shots, lol.  To see more best shots, visit Nancy at Bacardi Mama.

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  1. I love bird captures and you have some great ones. I can see why you posted all three. Thanks for joining in.


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