Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wade Christopher

The youngest member of our family, Wade Christopher, was born in Garden City, Michigan one year ago today.  Wade is our fourth great grandchild and our third great grandson.
Wade is a very important part of this large family.
 A very important part of this smaller, large family.
 And an even more important part of this small family!
Here is Wade, pictorially, through the year.

 Isn't he something?!!  You'd think after 20 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren it would all get pretty routine but I'm happy to say it never does.  Wade is just as precious and special to us the first grandchild (his mom).  We miss him everyday because he's so sweet and amazing and because he was the first one to wave bye bye at such a very early age.
We're looking forward to the coming year as we watch him continue to keep up with and sometimes surpass his amazing older siblings.  And we're wishing him a very, very Happy 1st Birthday!

Wade's very first blog post can be seen here

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