Friday, February 7, 2014

Beth Helen

Thirty-seven years ago today we were blessed with our fifth baby and third daughter.  That was a difficult winter as well and not only did Beth's birth bless our family, it heralded the end of that trying winter.

Ever wonder what makes Beth Beth?  Here's a pictorial history.
Little Beth
 Little Beth and her grandparents
 She loved all birthday parties even if they weren't hers.
 And she thought she was quite strong.
 She loved her very best BFF from back in the day.
And going to partays!!
 She never tires of teasing her oldest niece. (and her nieces dad)
 She knows how to sport braids and a miner's helmet.
She can be bossy
 But oh how she loves and always has loved her nieces and nephews
 She has the gift of gab.
 And she appreciates all her sisters and sisters-in-law.
 She's not shy
 And when she became a mom, oh my.  If Anna was on the floor, so was Beth!
 And then came Noah and who would have thought.  She loved him as much as Anna!
 She's always been close with her sister, Sarah.  (They're only 14 months apart)
 If she wins, she'd never gloat.  much.
 And before she became a photographer, she might have had aspirations to be a mannequin.
 She obviously passed on her sense of style to Anna.
 And she can dance like it's 1984.
 We've all heard of the 'no evils'.  When there weren't enough to go around, Beth made one up.
 She loves hanging out with Jim Gaffigan.
 And she loves birthdays.
 She's always had an eye for photography.
 She loves what the kids love.  (mostly) 
 And all at the same time Anna was 4, Noah was 4, and Beth was 4 months pregnant (with our darling James and Jake)
 Her eye for photography included the quirkiest shots. 
 And all of a sudden there was Eli.
and Clara
and photography

 Especially newborn photography.
 So you can see Beth loves having fun, all her babies, being original, her family, her friends, and her business and so much more.  Most importantly Beth loves.
Happy Birthday, Beth.  You're one of the best people I've ever known.  Your kindness, originality, authenticity, and love are boundless. I hope this is your best birthday EVER but not as great as the many more to come.


  1. What a great post! I love Beth. She's awesome.

  2. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your baby!

  3. Beautiful, I know she gets her beauty, love, talent, kindness all from her Mom and Dad. What a beautiful family you have.

  4. Thank you for Beth. She is a beautiful woman who means so much to so many because of the way she is................((HUGS)) Beth's Mom for raising a beautiful woman! ....................Pam V


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