Friday, February 21, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Week 3

Today is Week 3 of Bacardi Mama's Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo challenge.  In this challenge our job is to choose and post our favorite photo from the previous week.  And I'm kind of going to do that.

I'm going to post my favorite picture as far as a difficult capture is concerned but it's certainly not a photo of my favorite subject.

Last Spring before we left on vacation the bluebirds were here in droves or maybe flocks.  And while we were gone, they disappeared never to return and we could never figure out why.  Well I'm posting a picture of why we're going to quit feeding the birds and why I think the bluebirds disappeared.

I opened the patio door curtains day before yesterday and was startled to see this creature sitting about ten feet away in our birdbath.  He immediately flew into a neighbor's tree which towers over our back yard and from about 60 feet away defied me to capture a photo of him.

All of a sudden it was crystal clear that while we were feeding the colorful little birds at our backyard bird feeders, the colorful little birds were feeding this predator.

And we'll no longer provide the bait that lures our sweet little songbirds into becoming such easy prey for this guy.

On the upside, when we quit feeding the birds, we can quit battling the squirrels.

On the downside, we know we should like all birds equally but it's painfully clear that all birds are not created equal.  Some are just plain deadly enemies of the birds we work so hard to attract.

For more Hit Me With Your Best Shot pictures, visit Bacardi Mama and for some real fun, link up and enter your favorite photo of the week.


  1. Oh no!!!!! Yes, please stop feeding the little guys. Great captures though. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Wow, what awesome pictures!! Jack and Dane love them too! Im sad you wont be feeding the birds anymore, but I think its a good idea since this guy is coming around. Do you think hes interested in the fish too?? I hope he stays away!!


  3. Nice hawk captures. Feeders are like bait stations for them. I actually had to stop feeding the birds because of an especially murderous, but super sweet Brittany (dog). Brittanys are bird dogs, and our K has a very strong prey drive. I miss bird feeding, but love K. ��


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