Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teresa Kay - Through the Years

Today is such a special day in our family.  It's the trifecta of birthdays - a day where we actually have three family members with birthdays.  So this post is starting with Teresa's.

As I've done this year with all adults, I'm posting pictures taken every few years to show some highlights and changes in her life.

During that first year she and Dan's go-to activity was camping - usually with Dave and Patty.  That, of course, was after the birth of their first child.

Three years later found her in Hawaii, looking like a movie star a few days after she had given birth to Baby #2.

And a few short years later found her and Dan stationed in Georgia at Fort Stewart.  Here they are after a fabulous dinner on Tybee Island.
And then, later that same year we see her writing to Dan during his first deployment which was to Kosovo.
In 2003 she was supporting her troop in Iraq.
 And working full time while holding down the fort.

2005 found her in Slidell, Louisiana checking out what Hurricane Katrina had done to her house.
And in 2007 not only was the family was in Ft. Leavenworth but they now number five!
Here she is welcoming Dan home from yet another deployment in 2010.
With these pictures I've presented some clues into the amazing changes and many experiences that have constituted Teresa's life but they are just clues.  I couldn't possibly show pictures from all the many places she's lived and deployments she's been through.  Even now, she and Dan anxiously watch the smoke of nearby wildfires and pray for rain. 

But throughout it all there have been a few constants.  Although it's not easy to find pictures of Teresa by herself, I had no trouble finding pictures of her with her babies throughout the years.
And certainly no trouble finding pictures of her with Dan.

Which tells us that she is first and foremost a family girl.  Over the years she's blended that with many work, school, and personal accomplishments including a half marathon last Spring.

Right now, though, she's just assumed a new identity as Household 6.  And I know she'll rock that challenge as well.

In conclusion, here she is trying out Dan's office for size.  As you can see, it looks like a perfect fit.

So Happy Birthday, Teresa!  Here's hoping it's the best one ever but not half as great as all those to come!

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  1. It really is amazing everything they have been through together through the years, it blows my mind. I really enjoy looking through all of the pictures of the different stages of their life! And I really do have to agree, she really was looking like a movie star just after giving birth to Evan...wow!!! awesome pictures,.....again...awesome post about such an awesome person! Happy Birthday, T-Money! We love you!!!


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