Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hummingbirds, Etc.

I wonder sometimes at how our backyard has turned into such a refuge for birds.  We've worked hard to get bluebirds and although we've always had some robins, now they're everywhere.   Another bird that we've invited is the hummingbird.  We love the sightings but they're so fleeting.  A few seconds, maybe just long enough to reach for the camera, and he flits away as quickly as he came.

So we have the hummingbird feeder right up next to the patio window and we enjoy each and every sighting no matter how fleeting.  But I thought hummingbird feeders were strictly for hummingbirds and no other creature would be particularly interested in them. So I was chagrined for two days in a row to see this most unwelcome visitor.
I'm not sure of his identity but I am sure he was uninvited.  Fortunately after a day or two he moved on and we haven't seen him since.  I've managed a couple of hummingbird shots but, even though they aren't great, I feel lucky to have gotten them.
I'll keep trying to get that really great but elusive hummingbird shot and if I ever do, you can be sure I'll be posting it.


  1. Hummingbirds are great! I love hearing them but I usualy do not see one in my back yard. I love blue birds too.. we have quite a few Blue Jays without doing anything to attract them. May be dumb question but I wills till ask it...are bluebirsd and Blue Jays same birds or they are different?

    1. Sorry but there's a huge difference between Blue Jays and Bluebirds. I'll be doing a post or two on Bluebirds in the next couple of days and I'll try to remember to address some of the differences. Thanks for visiting and comment!

  2. They are quick little birds for sure...fleeting, and scolding, but so much fun to have around.

  3. I think the pics of the hummingbirds are awesome! They are SO hard to catch!!! Love the pics!


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