Monday, May 14, 2012

You Capture - Lines

Beth's You Capture prompt this week was Lines.  Ouch.  It was boring and hard.  Oh wait, pretty much for me, if it's hard that makes it boring.  But when it's hard and I have to work a little more to get something to submit, I feel like I'm learning something too.  So boring is actually good...for growing.

Also, I tried to seek other Line angles.  Like the line you often have to wait in to get your lunch.  Here's a lunch line that's close to my heart.  And none of the bluebirds ever breaks the one-in-a-feeder-at-a-time rule. 
And then there are the lines that fill your heart with pride and love - like when your daughter delivers them flawlessly in the local production of Listen To Your Mother.  
 Next I turned to the line that has been an essential part of our backyard since we moved here almost 40 years ago - my clothesline.  This really was hard work because my camera couldn't seem to see the line much less focus on it.
 And the last lines I captured are the highly irregular lines in the fence bordering our backyard.
To see more lines of every kind, go to Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry.  You'll not only see that Beth knows how to capture lines but so do other camera enthusiasts who linked up.


  1. Lovely lines :) I do like your clothesline photo. And the lines of the fence too!

  2. Love the clothesline shots!! Those are really catching!! =)

  3. You should be so proud of Beth! She was truly amazing. The whole night was kind of magical. Loved your captures, by the way.

  4. Love the different take on lines (and also the subtle lines in the background!) And your fence picture makes me want to see whats on the other side!

  5. Love the lines...the fence especially!

  6. These are great photos! I love the second clothes line shot. Are the LTYM videos posted yet?! I didn't attend the event, but can't wait to watch the recordings.


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