Friday, May 4, 2012

March of Dimes March for Babies

In May of 2004 our oldest daughter, Lori, lost the baby she was carrying at 23 weeks.  Her little boy was stillborn that day and he was perfect.   The shock and sorrow in our family was enormous.

Then, less than a year later, the unthinkable.  The baby girl she was carrying died - again midterm.  One might think that since it had happened before, we would have realized that it could happen again.   But instead we were even less prepared.  Who would have thought it could happen twice.

In February 2008, about the time we started to heal, our third daughter lost her twin boys.  This third blow was devastating.

I don't mean to wail about our terrible misfortune.  After all we have twenty beautiful, healthy grandchildren.  But each and every one was anticipated with joy and love and each one is a special gift to us.

So we truly appreciate the loss of those babies that we knew so briefly.  That's why we're joining the March for Babies tomorrow.  If our efforts can prevent the loss of even one baby or a premature birth or a birth defect, then we've truly accomplished something.  We're walking to try to prevent other families going through what we went through.

This is the final year that we will be 'walking' in the March for Babies but we will always support this effort.

If you can see your way clear to help, please contribute what you can.  Your donation is tax deductible but more importantly you'll be helping to ensure the health and lives of babies.  Maybe someday, all babies will be born healthy.

Any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated.  To contribute online, go to my March of Dimes website.

Thank you!


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