Monday, April 30, 2012

You Capture - Spring

Beth's You Capture subject this week is Spring and it's one of my favorites.  I started with the freshly blooming azalea and found I wasn't the only one who appreciated it.

 Then a walk around the side of the house revealed some hardy geranium blooms.  I love these because not only are the blooms pretty and delicate, but the foliage is really interesting which is good because the blooms aren't all that prolific - at least not on mine.

 The peonies won't bloom for two or three weeks at least but the buds say Spring to me and have a beauty of their own. I wasn't the only one who appreciated these either.

Of course no Spring blog post would be complete without including a bluebird and maybe even some bluebird friends.

  Then yesterday I thought to address the flowers in front one last time.  The first is one of Mr. Right's favorites - the Columbine.
 And the next one is a sprig of spirea.  The blooms seem to have lasted extra long this year and I'm glad because it's one of my favorites.

Finally the worst picture of them all, because it was by far the most challenging to capture, had to be included because it says Spring more clearly than any of the others.

There are many other Spring pictures at Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry.   Go take a look.


  1. I love your bird shots, they are amazing every time! And those little blue eggs are so sweet and so spring-like!

  2. Loving the eggs! So very cool...and the birds and flowers are very pretty too :) Happy Spring!

  3. Breathtaking captures, my friend. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite. Fantastic job on the assignment.

  4. Gorgeous! I have a little girl with a pink butterfly net who would love to chase after your butterflies. :) I love your shots of the birds--especially the one in flight--but my favorite shot is definitely the eggs in the nest. Sweet! I'm so glad you included it.

  5. I always love your flower pictures because you have the most amazing flowers, they are always SO pretty! And of course as I've said before, I LOVE your bird pictures, especially Mr. Blue Bird, he is SO beautiful. ...and as much as I hate to say it, I think Mrs. Cardinal wins for my favorite....WOW! What an amazing picture, it belongs in a magazine or book! LOVE it! ....oh and of course I love the nest with the eggs....I wonder how you got this shot?

  6. Wonderful shots! My favorite is the action shot of the bird flying away.

  7. I love your photos, but I am most fascinated by the bird photos. How fortunate you are to have those birds and to be able to photograph them. I've been waiting for the lone cardinal to visit us and when it did, yesterday, I was busy doing something to take photos. Sigh. :-)

    Have a great day and best regards,

  8. Love your images, Mom. My favorite is the peony but that bird flying is so cool. Nicely done!

  9. These are beautiful pictures. I love the birds...they look like postcards.


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