Friday, April 13, 2012


Here we are in the wilds of Colorado - or maybe just the foothills of Colorado Springs. Whichever it is, it feels rugged and wild and beautiful. We're staying in Dan and Teresa's house while they go to school in Kansas to prepare for Dan's stint as a Battalion Commander. This role also involves the wives of the commanders and that's where Teresa's classes came in.

So we're here with three of our wonderful grandchildren - getting to spend some quality time with kids that we just don't see enough of.

And here's what we discovered in the lot adjoining Dan and Teresa's property and what's been entertaining Mr. Right and I while the kids are in school.

And although it looks like these kits are out here on their own, they're not. Their watchful mother was never far away.

She was patient though and let them work out their differences on their own.

This little guy seemed to be checking out something in the sky. Soon we'd see why they periodically peruse the sky.

In the meantime, the play continued.

And so did the watching.

Suddenly all their attention was drawn upward.

A large bird approached and they all watched it's flight path.

It landed in a nearby tree, and Mama watched it's every movement.

After it flew off, her attention was drawn to this large dog in an adjoining yard.

She wasn't impressed though. Evidently she knew there was no way he could get to her.

Next she trotted right up to where I was photographing so that I had to get my shots between the deck railing.

She disappeared, the babies went into their burrow, and I went downstairs to see how my pictures turned out.

Meanwhile Mr. Right went upstairs and got the money shot. Mama was back but not for long. Soon she went running for the opposite side of the vacant lot.

Now I don't think foxes are known for being great jumpers but I never would have expected to see her jump to the top of the fence and perch there momentarily.

Before she landed on the other side and proceeded on her way.

And the kits? They fooled around outside for a couple of minutes more before heading deep into the safety of their burrow.

Wow, up until now, the only place I'd seen a live fox was in a zoo. We felt quite privileged to have witnessed this saga. And to think that people who live out here enjoy sights like this all the time.


  1. I looooooooove these pictures! How cool! Just like you said, you can't see scenes like this very often, it's just amazing. I looked out our kitchen window one night because our motion lights were on and I saw a fox in the backyard, but it was NOTHING compared to this! Loved all of the pics!!

  2. AWESOME photos, Mary. Love them!

  3. What fun! My boys would love to watch those cute little kits!

  4. These are awesome captures, Mary. Glad you are getting to spend time with the far away grandkids. Enjoy!


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