Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Trey

Today is our grandson Trey's birthday.  He was born 4 years ago in Louisville KY.  He's our 18th grandchild and 11th grandson.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz and was healthy and robust from the start.
While I waited for his party to be over in Louisville I gathered some interesting pictures about him on my computer.  Like pictures that show what a very happy baby he was.
and how anxious he was to feed himself at an early age.
and how early he and his cousin, Eli, started playing together.
I also found pictures that showed how much he loved Grandma's ice cream cones from the get-go,
 how studious he was before he could even read,

 how nicely he wore Grandma's gardening shoes,
 and how early he learned to wiggle his mustache just like Grandpa.
And finally it was time for the interview.
Here's how it went.  Happy Birthday, Trey!  Are you having a good day?  Yeah.  I played with a water cannon and  I got a new gun!  Do you like it?  Yeah.  And it has the ball and I shoot the ball and you pull it back one time and then it gets pulled back and it shoots.
What have you done so far?   I had a good birthday party.
Did you have a birthday cake?  I only had my cupcake to eat and ice cream to eat.  Ice cream and cupcake to eat and I had a good party!
What was your favorite present?  The gun.
Have you been a good boy this year?  Yes
 Have you been helpful?  Yep
And have you been nice?  Yeah
Is Santa Claus going to bring you any presents for Christmas?  Whenever Santa Claus comes to your house, he brings you presents.    Did you ask for anything?   No.   But I know one of the things that I like for my birthday.   What?  A Lightning McQueen Bike. 
Are you coming to Michigan City after Christmas to visit with all your cousins?  No  Do you remember when Jack and Zachary and Eli and Dane are all there.  Oh yeah. 
What can you tell us about yourself that I didn't ask about?  You didn't ask about cleaning my room.  Did you clean your room?  I cleaned it but it was a little messy.
Then we got disconnected and that pretty well wrapped our interview. Of course, there's lots more I could tell you about Trey.  He's very athletic,
 a super fast runner,
has scads of personality,
and a wonderful sense of humor.
All in all, he's a wonderful little boy and we're proud and happy that he's our grandson.  So, Trey, we're glad you're having an awesome day and hope the coming year is full of happy days just like this one!

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