Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today is our son-in-law Mike's birthday.  He and Sarah and their 3 kids live in Louisville, KY.  We first got to know Mike back in 1997 and he and Sarah were married in 2000.
 From the very beginning, he fit right in with his easy-going fun-loving ways.
A little while ago, I conducted a phone interview with him.  Here's how it went.
Happy Birthday, Mike!  Are you having a good day?  Yes I'm having a very good day.

What have you done so far?  I went goose hunting this morning.  Did you get any?  No we didn't have any luck, but I spent a good 4 hours in 27 degree weather with 15 mph winds so I have that going for me.
And then we went to Trey's basketball game and the grocery.  Now I'm sitting down to read the paper.
Do you have any special plans for tonight?  Let's see.  Sarah's making me breakfast for dinner.  Is that your choice or hers?  It's mine.  Then I guess I'll see if my family got me any presents.

You seem to be a natural as a father and obviously you enjoy that role.  What is your most important philosophy as a dad?  I would say 'have high expectations'.  You never know what your kids are capable of unless you expect them to surprise you.
And do you have a most important philosophy as a husband?  Well I've always heard a happy wife is a happy life.  I try to live by that one.
Everyone knows you love sports of all kinds and that you're a skilled golfer.  Did you ever consider a career in golf?  No.  I picked up golf late.  I had a tryout with the Seattle Mariners for baseball when I was in high school but I didn't go.  You just didn't go?  No, I was going off to college and even if I made some minor league baseball squad I knew I would never be a professional baseball player.

I know you've been in your present job a little over a year but I'm not sure what you do.    My title is Sales Manager for an environmental testing laboratory.  That sounds kind of boring.  It pretty much is.  I'm a hoot at parties.  But you're doing well at it?  Yeah, I've had a really good last 3 months so it's coming along pretty well.
What would you consider your highlight of the past year?  I don't know.  Sarah feeling better has been a pretty big thing.
 And do you have any special goals or plans for the coming year?  No none that I can think of.  I have some business goals but they would be hard to explain in layman's terms.  I'm trying to figure out if I want to train for the mini marathon coming up in the Spring.  I might even do it with Ethan.  Who knows? 
In less than two weeks you'll be in Michigan City for about a week.  Are you looking forward to that?  Oh yeah.  The beach house is always fun.
What can you tell us about yourself that most people might not know?  I'm pretty much an open book.  I like to read.  I got on a kick where I was reading some classics like you might read in high school or college.  I used to go to the library and I'd get one book like that and then I'd get a sports book or autobiography which are just fun to read.  I pretty much read the classics just to stay abreast.
Also, I'm a dog lover and I have a dog now so that worked out well for me.
(This picture is of Mike and Sarah's first dog.  He became unhappy when their first baby was born so he went to a home where he could be the only baby.)  There are so many things I could tell you about Mike that not everybody might know.   First of all, not only is he a hard worker
  but he's so personable that he can get almost anybody to help him with his work - even a state trooper.
 He's also a good cook, has a great sense of humor, and he's ready to pitch in whenever a helping hand is needed.  He's cheerful, loving, and just as sweet to everybody else's kids as he is to his own.   But the thing I think I like best about Mike is that he's a truly great family guy.
So we're wishing him a very happy birthday and a year better than any year so far but not as good as the many, many years to come.  Happy Birthday, Mike!

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