Friday, December 18, 2015

Harry Robert

Yesterday was Harry's birthday.
Harry is a very important member of this large family.
And an even more important member of this smaller family.
And an even MORE important part of this really small family.
A little while ago, I interviewed him for his birthday post.  Here's how it went:
I'm sorry we didn't get to your interview yesterday, Harry, but did you have a good day?  Yes, I had a very good day.
What did you do?  We went out to breakfast with friends and later we went to Blue Chip and enjoyed their buffet before we did a little gambling.
So you retired 3 years ago.  Are you still enjoying it?  Yes I enjoy every day of retirement.
What's the best part?  Not knowing what day of the week it is.
What were the highlights of the past year?  Not being in the cold for seven weeks in February and March.
What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?  Not being in the cold for twelve weeks in January, February, and March.
We're about to begin out trek to Alabama to spend the holidays with 38 members of our family.  Are you looking forward to it?  Yeah, it's so much fun and it's great getting everybody together where the weather is warm.
What do you like best about it?  The weather and having everybody in the same house for a week.  It doesn't get any better than that.
And least?  I guess the only drawback is that everybody has to drive so far.
And last year, as you mentioned, we spent 7 weeks during the winter in Florida?  How do you feel about going for three months this year?  We do lots of fun things and have plans to do even more this year so it's great all the way around.
How do you feel about having both your sons in the military?  There's not a day that goes by that they don't make me proud.
And how about having your kids spread all over the United States?  It's good and bad.  Bad that we don't get to see them very much but good that it gives us lots of places to vacation and when we do see them, we spend a lot of time together.
What can you tell us about yourself that we haven't covered yet?  Even though I'm not very good at it, I really enjoy playing golf.

And I enjoy traveling.  And doing all the driving?  Yeah I guess I enjoy doing the driving.  I'd rather drive than not drive.
I'm a die-hard Cub fan and I'm really looking forward to next season.
I saw the Beatles in concert and had a 5th row, almost-center seat.  And I'm a Beatles fan to this very day.
And, I enjoy fishing although we don't get to do it much.

And that pretty well concluded our interview but as usual, there's more to add and it's important. Harry is a kind and loving grandfather and great-grandfather.
He constantly does considerate and thoughtful things without ever expecting anything in return.   He truly is one of the best people you could ever meet.  He also has a great sense of humor and a very quick wit.
And he's a loving father and husband whose patience and understanding are amazing.  He quietly does everything for everybody and never, ever complains.  He's one in a million and we're blessed to have him in our lives.   So, Harry, I love you and I'm wishing you the best year of your life but one only half as great as the many more to come.  You truly deserve it.


  1. Great interview and pictures! Although I don't see Harry much anymore I still think of him often. We go as far back as grade school together. He lived just down the street from me. I also remember his passion for the Cubs and the Beatles. Playing in the band together was fun even though we didn't play any Beatle songs. At least I don't think we did?? Glad to know you are still around and enjoying retirement and life in general. You have such a large and beautiful family! Happy birthday again Harry.
    Randy Schermerhorn....

  2. PS: I was always jealous of his ability to play softball so well. I think he could throw a softball so hard it would go right through a brick wall. He had a great arm...


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