Monday, December 21, 2015

Trey Cooper

Today is Trey's 6th birthday!
Trey is an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
He was born in Louisville Kentucky and was the third of Mike & Sarah's three children.
A little while ago I conducted a phone interview with him and here's how it went.
Happy Birthday, Trey!  Thanks!
Are you having a good day?  Yes!
What have you done so far?  Well, I got to play with electronics two times.
Are you going to do anything special later.  Yes.  Where are you going?  Mom, where are we going? We're going to Tony Boomba's for pizza.
Did you already have a birthday party?  Yes
Where was it?  KaZoing Bounce House.
Was it fun?  Yes!  What did you do there?  I bounced on bouncies.  I waited for my friends. And I had fun.  And I also had cupcakes and popcorn and pretzels.
Did you get some good presents?  Yes  What were they?  Well, I got a Starwars Lego set and I got a bow and arrow - a toy one - and also a Spider Man guy and another Iron Man.
Are you excited for Christmas now?  Yes!  Only 4 more days.  Have you been a good boy this year? Yes.  I know you have.
What do you want for Christmas?  Well.  A transformer, a Ninja Turtle Sword. a remote control helicopter and a bubble ball.  Like it bounces and floats like a bubble.  Well it bounces like a ball and glides like a bubble.
Are you excited to go to Gulf Shores again right after Christmas?  Yes
What did you like best about it last year?  Well.  We're gonna see our cousins.  And play on the beach?  Yeah!   Well.... go in the water at the beach.
What else can you tell us about yourself that we haven't talked about in this interview?  Hmmm.   Well.  I'm turning 6.  Also, I'm hoping I'll get a phone so I'll have an App to tell me what time it is and also there's something that holds your phone.  Well, also what I got for my birthday was a little thing that you throw on it and see who gets the high score.  It's called a dart board and the magnets are really strong and I can seiously throw all of them at once and some of them might make it and some might bounce and go away.  But it if hits the color part then it would stick.  Is it in your room?  Yes, but it's not hanging up yet.
How do like having your own room.  Not very good but since it's winter break for two weeks I'm getting to sleep in my brother's room on his bed instead of laying on the floor.  Well I do like having my own room a little.  It's really different than sleeping with my brother, Ethan.

Do you like riding the bus to school? Yes and the first day I rode my bus I made two new friends. Wow that's great!  You like living in your new neighborhood then? Yes
And that pretty much concluded our interview but I would like to add that Trey is a very special, very loving boy.  He draws great pictures for his grandparents and makes awesome cards for his Grandma where he sounds out the spelling.  Needless to say he's creative and smart.
 I can hardly believe how well he reads for a kindergartner and he's a great athlete as well - already playing soccer and basketball.
Trey is fun-loving and sweet - a perfect combination - and we're wishing him a very happy birthday!

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  1. Interesting interview. He must be a great little guy.


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