Saturday, December 5, 2015

Katherine Elizabeth (better known as Katie)

November 29th, almost a week ago today, was Katie's 16th birthday.  Katie is an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller but still large family.
Last night I was finally able to conduct an interview with Katie since illness prevented my doing it sooner.  Here's how it went.
Happy Birthday, Katie.  I'm sorry it's so late.  It's fine.
Did you have a good birthday?   I did!  It was really fun!
What did you do?  The day before my birthday I had a little birthday dinner with some friends.  We went to the harbor where they have really nice stores and restaurants.
Did you get anything special for your birthday?  Yeah!  I got a new bed!
Wow!  How how fun is that?!  It was fun.  Dad and I went shopping for it at Ikea  - we got a mattress too so we got to go and try out all the matresses.
How do you like it?  It is so comfortable! I love it so much that I never want to get out of bed.  Of course I'm not sure if that's the bed or not wanting to get up.  Probably both!
What would you consider the highlight of the past year?  I got my permit!
 So you're driving all around?  Sometimes!
You're not driving now, are you?  No I don't drive Dad's truck.  I drive the Acadia and I've driven the van a few times.
Which one is easier?  I like the Acadia but that's because I drive it all the time so I'm used to it.
So you're getting lots of practice?  Yes!
And what are you looking forward to in the coming year?  I'm looking forward to club volleyball season because it's a good club and I have a really good coach!  And because we have a lot of exciting tournaments and our team has lots of talent and potential.   
And I'm really excited to get my license.  When will that be?  I can get it February 29th and I'm counting down the days!
What do you like best about school?  I like seeing my friends and being able to be social.
And what don't you like so much about it?    Probably the school part.  I'm taking really challenging classes so I have a big workload that encompasses a lot of homework.  And I don't have a lot of time at home because of volleyball and trying to balance school with a social life.
What career path do you think you might pursue?  I've been thinking about working in the medical field but I'm not sure what doctor yet.
Where are you thinking of going to school or have you thought about it yet?  I was looking at Stanford just because they have a really good premed as well as medical program and their campus is really pretty and on the coast.  But it's really far away and expensive and I haven't been searching many schools - just a few.  I still have to see what's out there and I may find one that's a better fit.
What extra curricular activities are you involved in?  I don't do much besides school, having a life, and volleyball.  I am in Deca which is like a marketing kind of business club for students.
With all those activities your grades must really suffer.  No, I don't let that happen.  My GPA right now is above a 4.0  I just don't know the exact number.  So you have straight As?  Yes.  And you have had straight As since you started high school?   Yeah, I mean my whole life.  I've never had a B  EVER!
So you play club volleyball but do you play for your school too?  Yes, the season just ended in November.  It was my second varsity season.  We actually went to district finals but we lost and it was devastating.  I did make first team all-conference which was comprised of the top 12 players out of six teams.  I'm pretty sure I was the only sophomore.  And I had the second most votes from all the coaches so I was the runner up for MVP.  I also made second team all-region which is very exciting. That sounds like a big honor.  Yeah because it was all the conferences in the region, it was the top 24 players, and I was the only sophomore and the youngest on both teams.
What position do you play?  Outside hitter.   Do you play all the way around then?  For high school I played all the way around but the position itself requires you to play front row but you can be taken out for the back row.  It kind of depends on the team.  Do you like playing all around or are you content with front row only?  Oh no!  I love playing all the way around!   I love both offense and defense.  I don't have much experience with sitting on the bench but I feel like I'd get bored.

Does your mom still help coach?  No.  She helped my first and second year of club ball but since then we're in a more competitive club and they hire coaches.
This picture of Katie with her mom and brother was taken after her team won their district finals.
Are you looking forward to Gulf Shores this year and what did you like best about it last year?  Oh yes!  I'm so excited!   I loved how we got to play Ultimate Frisbie on the beach

and I just liked seeing family when it was warm and we could get out more and do so much more.
What else can you tell us about yourself that we haven't covered in this interview?  I 'm into arts and crafts.  I love making things.  Like?  A lot of my Christmas gifts for my family are handmade.
 I'm a perfectionist!
One of my favorite things to do is play baseball with Zachary because I want him to go into the MLB.
Do you get along well with all your brothers?   Actually we do get along well and it kind of surprises me because all my friends say they don't get along with their siblings.  So especially David and Zachary; and Matthew and I like to have fun with each other which is fine but sometimes it gets a little iffy.
You and Matthew are more competitive with each other?  Yeah.
And that pretty well concluded our interview.  But, as usual, there's more I'd like to add.  This post tells a lot about Katie and what an accomplished young lady she is but it doesn't tell what a sweet, loving, helpful, and genuine girl she is.  It's hard to believe that someone who has so much going for her can be as centered and respectful and courteous as she is.  I've seen her interact with all her younger cousins and they all love her.  And then I've seen her - the only girl - playing Ultimate Frisbie with the most fit guys in the family and she holds her own.  I've had her help me innumerable times with never a complaint and I've watched her grow from a sweet and beautiful little girl into a sweet and beautiful teenager.  And it's been amazing.  So happy birthday, Katie.  We hope it was awesome (as it sounds like it was) and that the coming year is even better!!!

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