Sunday, December 11, 2016

Knox Lee

Knox's BIRTH day was October 29th.  He is our sixth great grandchild and our fourth great grandson.
Knox is an important part of this very large family (even though he didn't get here in time to be in the picture). 
And an important part of this large family (even though he didn't get here in time for this picture either) (Actually he's in this picture - you just can't see him).
And a very special, important part of this smaller (but large) family.  (Posed by Beth Fletcher Photography)
Tonight I thought to interview him for his BIRTH day post but I realized he was probably too young to answer all my questions so I decided to just let him just tell his story. That's okay with you isn't it, Knox?  Sure, I don't mind at all.
Can you describe for us how your special day unfolded?  Well, as far as I could tell, everything was pretty normal and calm at first.  I was cozy in my mommy's belly and I had no idea what was about to happen.  It seemed like everybody was just waiting for something.

During the time when they were waiting, I heard my Mom and Dad talking about my sister Aubrey's birthday.  It sounded like they were expecting me to appear somewhere in time for her to come and see me on her birthday but now I was moving so slowly that they wouldn't be able to see Aubrey except by face-timing her.  So they did.  Everybody seemed pretty okay with that.

Then it was back to waiting some more and I wondered what it was all about and then I realized they were waiting for ME to get OUT!
I could tell my mommy was starting to get a little tense after awhile.
And right after that I found myself in a bright, cool room with tons of people.  I found it kind of disconcerting.  Who were all these people and what did they want?  All I wanted was my mommy and daddy.

And they were there and they were SO happy!  I felt like I'd really accomplished something - just being there for them.

Everybody just had to get a look at me including my maternal grandmother.  I already loved these people.  But I was ready for THESE people to skedaddle.
But I guess they were there for a reason and my mom seemed especially fond of this person - her obstetrician who cared for her the whole time I was in my mommy's belly.
I was really starting to relax and enjoy this 'skin to skin' warming method.  
 And then I met my dad up close and personal.  I liked the feel of his strong, loving hands and I knew it wouldn't be the last time I'd feel them.
 Then it was back to Mommy and she still looked overjoyed!

 I was also excited for that first photo shoot with Mommy and Daddy and I really wanted it to be a great picture but try as I might, I could only get one eye open.  

Then just when I was starting to feel comfortable being out here in the world with my parents, I was whisked away.  The new place was warm so that was good but this person just wouldn't leave me alone.  She put her finger in my mouth,
started feeling my head all over,

exercising my legs,

and just generally disturbing me in all sorts of ways.

When I felt like I couldn't take much more, something new came on the scene and I had a feeling I would become very familiar with it in the next couple of years - my first garment.  A diaper!

It felt pretty good actually and just about the time I thought I could finally relax, she started messing about with my feet of all things!

Then, I guess because she couldn't think of anything else to do, she measured my head!!!  Good grief!
Finally she gave up trying to think of ways to torture me and I got to go back to my mom and dad.

But relaxing wasn't in the cards for long because we were all packed up and sent off to another room where the next day brought all sorts of new experiences.....and people. First of all, I got clothes - regular big boy clothes.
And then there was a phone call and everybody in my room started getting a little excited.  I guessed it must be because my dad was returning but turns out it was a little more than that.
 Turns out I was part of a larger family and my siblings had arrived.  It wasn't too shocking though because these voices sounded pretty familiar. 

Then they each had a turn holding me.  Their arms may not have been real experienced but I could feel the love in each and every one of them.  First Emma.
 Then Wade,
And Jack
 Finally, I met my grandma on my dad's side.
What an amazing time I've had!  From this.....

to this in less than 24 hours!
I have a feeling I have quite a life ahead of me.  I'm pretty sure my parents are the BEST!  and my siblings are too!  I could tell before I even arrived that there was a busy household around me that was filled with love and happiness and I'm so happy to be a part of it now!  And just to show things are going well.... Here I am at one month of age!
And of course I have to add my 2 cents.  We are thrilled to welcome this beautiful little boy into our family.  And we're so proud of Chris and Amber and the family that they are raising.  It reminds me of another family many years ago.   We're looking forward to spending as much time with them as possible and watching these wonderful little personalities develop.  So Happy Birth day, Knox. We love you so much!

Oh and just one small footnote.  When we got home from Michigan after Knox was born, the unthinkable happened.  I was unable to download the pictures I'd taken.  The SD card was totally corrupted and it took almost six weeks and an outside data retrieval company to save them. But save them they did and all's well that ends well!

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