Saturday, December 17, 2016

Michael John - Yesterday and Today

Thursday was Mike's birthday!
Mike is married to our youngest daughter, Sarah.
He's an important part of our large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family.
I wrote about Mike in 20112012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 in posts that told a lot about Mike and how he's changed 'through the years'.  And, the following pictures will SHOW how he's changed 'through the years'.



So now I want to talk about Mike's todays and what changes have taken place in his life during the past year.  The biggest change is probably that he started a new job and it's a job where there is some traveling but some opportunity to work from home.   But Mike's work is not a big change because he's always been a hard worker - even way back when.
And Mike is still working out regularly and taking care of himself physically and has been since way back when
He's a great dancer and has been since way back when
and still is now - even if his dancing is chair dancing now.

He was the most fun at a party - back then
And still today

So there have been changes in Mike's life but not much has changed.  He's still incredibly responsible, resourceful, helpful,
kind, down-to-earth, and a real family guy.

He's a loving and thoughtful husband,
and a natural athlete

We're proud of Mike and love him very much!  He's a wonderful son-in-law and his out-going, fun-loving personality makes all our get-togethers more fun!  So, Mike, it's a little late but we're wishing you a belated happy birthday but more importantly - a wonderful, happy year ahead.

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