Friday, December 2, 2016


Just to review, I'm writing from the following suggestion list for thirty days.  Hopefully this will get me back to blogging which really is my diary and hopefully I'll find something interesting to say about each subject.  Here's the list:

Since I only have five minutes to write, I'd better get started.

First of all, it's a difficult day weatherwise at a difficult time of the year weatherwise to write about the weather.  Today has been especially gloomy all day and for the first time this year, the 10 day forecast includes many temperatures below freezing and some snow.

I can't complain though.  This has been the most beautiful autumn in my memory.  Those horrible blustery cold days that I usually associate with this time of year have been few and far between.  We haven't had snow to speak of yet although I did see a few flakes one day.

But here's what it looks like this year on this day.

 Not that pretty is it.  And is that a squirrel nest up there?  Could they really spend the winter in such a precarious place with no real shelter from the wind and the cold? 
 I've never really liked squirrels but this almost makes me feel sorry for them.  Because sometimes they can be cute - even in snowy weather.
But then I look at pictures like these and I'm reminded that I don't like them - at all.

But I digress.  Back to the weather.  It's sad that because of the weather, my koi will spend about a third of their lives like this.   They will just kind of lay at the bottom of the pond in a state of semi hibernation until the water warms and they can become playful and fun again.  Right now I'm thankful that the pond has been cleaned and the net is in place to keep leaves from polluting the water. 
And finally I have this to say about the weather.  Rainy days don't make me sad.  Cold days can be okay.  After all we have our warm houses and warm cars to protect us.  Hot days are fine because if it's too hot we can sit in the air conditioning and look out at the wilting world outside.  Sunny days are really pretty and there's protection to keep us from getting too much sun.  (Remember your sunblock should contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.)

But the weather I just can't endure is wind.  It's rude and unrelenting.  It doesn't care if you're trying to deliver mail or if you don't want your hair flying around and showing that you need to get your roots done.  It just blows and blows and makes scary noises.  No.  I can't abide wind.

But the weather will be what it wants no matter what.  It's one thing that just can't be controlled so I guess we should just make the best of it.   Even when it's blowing all the neighbors leaves into our yards.   Wait.   No.  There's no making the best of that.

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  1. I love to read your posts especially when I get to see some of your great photography!


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