Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Capture - White

Beth's You Capture subject this week is white. I like white but I did find it a rather challenging photo subject.

I turned to my backyard for whitespiration where the only white I could find was in the flowers and the fish.

We have several different varieties of koi in our pond because lots of color makes for a more interesting water garden; however, our overriding requirement is that where there is white in a koi, it has to be really white. Sometimes koi will have a beautiful pristine body but the nose can be muddy colored or have a pink hue to it. So in our koi we look for that white trim to be really white. I love Coppertop's color and markings but I think the whiteness of his white enhances his whole look.

And although Alabaster's white contains some yellow splotches, his white is white. The same is true for Dreamsicle. Their whites are dazzling and when they poke their noses above the water level, it can be quite blinding.

So when I'm watching the koi play or eat, it's the white that really stands out and adds the most interest.

Next I turned to the hosta blooming next to the koi pond. The hosta is probably my all-time favorite landscaping plant but I'm not usually keen on the blooms. This one, however, is an exception. The stems are more compact and the blooms are fragrant and lovely.

For more takes on 'white' visit Beth at Ishouldbefolding laundry. And maybe even post some of your favorite whites.


  1. How nice! I find watching koi so peaceful.

  2. What a gorgeous hosta bloom! Lovely photo and I also like you love koi fish. :-)

  3. Great pictures of your fish, but it's NOTHING like seeing them in person. They are amazing to watch. I love your white hosta bloom, I feel the same way about the blooms on them, but this one is very pretty!


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