Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Sisters

Maybe I'm partial to big sisters because I am one but I think they're a special breed. I think they don't always get credit for the big sisterly things that they do and that most of them are okay with that. Big sisters do what they do because they need to be done and not for recognition or kudos.

I've never really thought about this before but as I was editing my millions of July pictures, I ran across this 'big sister' series and it made me stop and think. Where would a lot of people be without their big sisters?

Beth had a cookout at her house. Everyone was in the backyard and the kids were running, swimming, swinging, and having a great time. I was taking pictures as usual when I noticed Anna and Eli walking toward the front of the house. I suspect that she was told to take him for a walk because he had reached that stage where the only things he found to do that were fun were also not safe so his dad might have needed a break.

Here are the pictures I took and here's what I noticed - Eli looking trustingly at his big sister.

Then Anna smiling fondly at her little brother.

And then the two of them walking on around the house.

She took her little brother for a walk probably because she was told to but she did it with kindness and love because that's what big sisters do......usually.

Addendum. A few pictures farther along in my picture file there was one more that should probably be included. We could probably call this one, 'The party's over'.

Thinking about Mr. Right and his older sisters and certain sisterly events in my life and other 'big sister' lives that I know of and this picture, I suppose it's possible that I have a slightly skewed opinion about the noble big sister.


  1. I always dreamed of a sister, but never got one!

  2. aw, I love this and I love that almost all of my children have a big sister.

    Great photos, Mom!

  3. This is so sweet, my favorite of course is the one with Anna looking down smiling at Eli. Also? Anna's hair is adorable!!!! Great post!


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