Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mary

I first wrote this post about Mary last year on this day because it was her birthday. Today she turned 5 years old. She celebrated with a party yesterday and had a special day today too. A little while ago I interviewed her over the phone and here's how it went. (And, as usual, the pictures accompanying the questions may or may not have anything at all to do with the questions and answers.)

Do you feel older today? Yeah A lot? Yeah

Did you have a good birthday party? Yeah Guess what! I got a doll house. I was so excited. It was a surprise. Mom told me to look back and when I looked, I LOVED IT!

What was the best part of your party? My favorite part? I got all the presents and a Barbie cake.

What was your favorite present? The Ipod and the doll house. I got the Ipod that Anna has. Even I got a case for it!

Is there anything that you wanted but didn't get for your birthday? I don't think so.

Did you do anything special for your birthday today? Umm, yeah, I went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and I ate ice cream. I went to Qdoba and had nachos. Anything else? Yeah, I went shopping for sunglasses and some bracelets AND some earrings. What kind of earrings? Rainbow ones with unicorns.

Do you like flowers? No What about dandelions? I do like dandelions. Why? Because you can blow them and make a wish and where they land a genie comes and a tree will grow there.
Are you looking forward to school this year? Yeah What do you like about school? Because when I went to meet my teacher, I had a great time. It's Lowe Elementary. Will you be riding the bus? Yeah

What do you like to do best when you play outside? Swing, play with my friends and like I probably play tag and hide and seek and swim. We have lots of places to run and jump and exercise like running, jumping, and jump rope.

What do you like to do inside? Sometimes I like to play with my balloons from my party. I like to play dress up and I like my lamb I got from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

What's your favorite animal? A lamb. Why? Because it's fuzzy and soft and you can use their fur to make maybe a sweater or socks or ANYTHING!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A princess.
Who is your best friend? Lily. She's going to the same elementary school. And Tessa.

Do you like having a big brother and a little brother? It's okay 'cause I like Trey 'cause he's cute. (According to her mom she went over and patted his head as she said that.)

What else can you tell me about yourself? I like Trey and my mom and my friends and movies and Tessa. I like MJ, Uncle Michael, Tyler, Sydney, Aunt Buffy, Aunt Ba, Uncle Brian, Noah and Eli and Anna.

What do you like about visiting Indiana? I like buildings and remember when we went to the beach? That was really cool.

Do you like feeding Grandma's fish? Yes.

And what are you going to do for the rest of the day? Probably I'm gonna play with my balloons and Rapunzel that I got for my birthday.

What a fun girl to interview. I enjoyed every minute of it. So, Happy Birthday, Mary. You're a wonderfully sweet, loving, and smart little girl; and we love you very much!


  1. Omg, I love all of her answers! She is just too much! Such a fun interview to read! Its so neat that Mary and Chris share a bday! Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope you had an awesome day, definitely sounds like you did! We love you!


  2. She is such a sweet, sweet girl! Great interview, Mom.

  3. She is so pretty and smart and fun to read about! What a great b-day interview. I'll have to show Tessa and tell her that Mary said she was her bff. I love that.

    Love, T-Money

  4. ugh, she is just THE CUTEST! I can't even take it! Her answers are so stinking cute and funny and SO MARY! I could just squeeze her! One of my favorite interviews, for sure. Happy Birthday, Mary! (late) Aunt Amy and Uncle Chip love you!!!


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