Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

Today is Tracy's birthday. He's our son-in-law who's married to Amy and lives in Belleville, Michigan - very near Detroit.

His birthday interview follows along with pictures that may or may not have anything to do with the questions with which they appear.

Do you feel older today or do birthdays pass by for you without much impact? They pass by me without much impact.

Are you doing anything special today? No, other than a dinner of country ribs on the grill, sweet corn, Hawaiian rolls and birthday cake, we didn't do anything special.

Do you have any special birthday wishes or gifts that you're hoping for? All my birthday wishes came true. They included staying home with the family, having a nice home-cooked dinner and then a birthday nap to complete a perfectly relaxing evening.

How did you feel about joining such a large family 7 years ago? I've never really given it much thought before but I'm happy to be part of the family.

Do you enjoy your role as stepdad? Yes, it's very rewarding.

How do you feel about being a grandpa? I love being a grandpa. The kids are so much fun.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? Fishing, camping, and playing Rock Band.

I know you do a lot of driving for work. What's your favorite way to pass that time? I have SIRIUS Satellite Radio and that helps to entertain me while I drive.

Is this anywhere near where you saw yourself being ten years ago? I never imagined I'd be here ten years ago.

What do you see ahead - say ten years from now? I hope I'm just as happy as I am right now.

What haven't I covered that people might find interesting about you? There's nothing interesting about me.

Well, he's wrong about that. There's lots interesting about Tracy. First of all, he's a man of all trades and can fix anything. On top of that he's great about lending a hand when needed.

He has a great laugh and wonderful sense of humor to go with it.

He really is a homebody at heart but get him out and he'll party with the best of them.

He loves old country music and looks great in a cowboy hat.

He's a Redwings fan, likes the Detroit Tigers, and even tries to remain a fan of the Detroit Lions.

And, he likes horses, fires with his friends and Old Milwaukee beer (but we always try not to hold that against him).

All in all, Tracy's a great guy and we're proud and happy to have him in the family. So here's wishing him a very Happy Birthday!

Oh! One more thing. He's never come out and said it but I suspect that he thinks his beloved Rotties are lap dogs.

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  1. Love the post AND the pictures SO MUCH. I think what I enjoyed more was watching him read it, he loved it so much! Thanks again for another great birthday post!!!


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