Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marcus only Late

Last Tuesday was our son-in-law Marcus' birthday. We got the interview done late that date and I hoped to get his post up on Wednesday but I left for Burke, VA instead. With the commotion of getting the car out of the shop and packing, I just couldn't get it in. So today I'm home and I'm finally getting it done.

As always, the pictures may or may not have anything to do with the questions and answers.

Do you feel older today or do birthday pass by for you without much impact? There's never a lot of impact. It's just another day.

Are you doing anything special today? I was able to have a nice dinner with my wife. Other than that, it was just wonderful all around.

Do you have any special birthday wishes or gifts that you're hoping for? No

How did you feel about joining such a large family 7 years ago? That's a good question. It was a really exciting, neat family to see from the outside and then it was really exciting and neat to be a part of it.

And how did you feel about being an instant 'dad' 7 years ago? It was awesome beause all three of the kids are so awesome. They didn't have any resistance to me from the beginning and they were so great that I wanted to be their dad.

Do you enjoy your role as stepdad to three teenagers? It's been far more challenging than I thought it would be. I was always excited about them getting older, but wow, it's been tough at times. I'm looking forward to them as 'adults'. lol

What do you like best about it? When they exceed expectations which they do all the time.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? Well, this summer I watched Ryan play baseball, but now I hope to spend time with my family.

I know you have a long commute to and from work. What's your favorite way to pass that time? About 90% of the time that I'm in the car, I listen to sports talk radio.

You were brought up in Iowa, moved to Michigan and then Indiana. Now you live in Nebraska. How does Nebraska compare to previous places and what would be your favorite location? Nebraska is really similar to Iowa and Indiana...and even Michigan. I think most of the Midwest has such similar people - different places and different people but they're mostly pretty much the same. And there's corn all the way from Colombus, OH to Grand Island, NE.

I know you're an avid sports fan. What's your favorite team and what do you do to support them? Well, I am a Cyclone. After not only attending and graduating from Iowa State, but also being a part of the football team, I feel even more invested that 'just' a fan. Other than my school, I love baseball and football but have never really had teams that I lived or died for.

And is this anywhere near where you saw yourself being ten years ago? I hadn't met Lori yet 10 years ago, so no, I had no idea this is where I would be.

What do you see ahead - say ten years from now? I see Lori and I watching our kids building their own lives. I see us living somewhere peaceful and quiet and loving our life together.

What haven't I covered that people might find interesting about you? Not much. Very good questions and I'm not all that interesting. lol

I think Marcus is very interesting and there are these things about him that I would add. First and foremost, he's unfailingly kind and considerate. If you need a helping hand, he's your man. He great with kids and has a huge capacity for love and affection. He's a devoted husband and stepdad and always strives to do his best!

So Marcus, Happy Birthday again only this time a little date. Hope your day was stellar!!


  1. Another interesting and fun B-day post! I really enjoy reading these and looking at the pictures, especially the older ones, they seem just like yesterday, but it's amazing how much the kids have grown! wow! Happy Birthday, Marcus, I hope you had the best day ever!

  2. Wow. Thanks Mom. That was awesome!


  3. How fun! I haven't seen many of these pictures, so I had to snag them :) Thank you all the effort, it's only a little bit late but so very worth it!


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