Monday, July 23, 2012

You Capture - Drinks

Beth's You Capture challenge this week is Drinks.  At first I hesitated, knowing I hadn't really indulged in any especially beautiful drinks this week and then I looked out at the birdbath and reminded myself it was really more for drinking than it was for bathing, and I knew I'd participate.

Before I get to the birdbath and other fortunately pertinent pictures, I'll share this one of a bird and a tree drinking simultaneously while I attempted to combat the unrelenting drought we were experiencing.

And then I'll move on to a more civilized Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch enjoying a cool drink.

And these bluebird siblings sharing a drink from a pool of water that obviously needed replenishing.

And finally, I looked at the pictures that that we took Sunday morning as we said goodbye to our youngest and her family as they departed for their home in Louisville.

In this first one, I asked Mr. Right to hold my coffee so I could take a picture then I included him in the picture - coffee and all.

And finally the one of my sweet daughter (who timed her visit to help me celebrate my birthday) enjoying her coffee before she left.

For more 'Drinks', visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. I love that you captured the birds taking a drink. Great captures!

  2. What a great variety to your drink pictures. I thought today that I really need to find a way to water some of the wild animals. It's relentless out there.

  3. My favorite is the outside of the box sort of moment for the bird, I would assume, sprinkler as opposed to birdbath. And Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was full of family and love and laughter and allowed you a moment to look around and see what a lovely life you've built for yourself (isn't that what birthdays are about, after all...seeing how far you've come in a year and over the years?!).

  4. This first picture cracks me up!

    Happy belated birthday!

  5. oh, i can spend hours watching the birds! love this.

  6. Love the combination tree/bird drinking! How clever! And of course you got my favorites...the bluebirds!! Awesome!


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