Monday, July 9, 2012

You Capture - Summer

Beth's You Capture subject this week is Summer and it's one I've been excited about since she announced it last week.  Everybody knows I enjoy photographing our backyard birds and I determined that I would re-double my efforts to catch some good shots.

But first I had to think about the koi pond.  It used to be my all-time favorite hobby before the birds took over.  I still enjoy these guys but I spend a lot less time watching and photographing them than I used to.  They are, however, definitely a summertime source of pleasure.

And here's an overview of their summer time home.  Of course it's also their winter home but it doesn't look anything like this in the winter.  

Next I turned to the birds.  Like almost everywhere else in the country, we've just gone through an incredibly hot spell.  One day I carelessly allowed the bird bath to go completely dry.  I hate to say such a terrible thing, but it was almost worth it to watch the parade of birds that visited as soon as I filled it with fresh cool water.

The first one was this rather prissy little bluebird.  She landed on the edge and looked it over carefully.

Before she stepped in to begin her toilette.

But once she was in, she bathed with relish.  And I'd like to say she emerged looking refreshed and beautiful, BUT

Not so much.  Poor girl.  I wonder if she knows what she looks like after her bath.

I think she might because as soon as she saw me taking her picture, she flew off.

Then I watched this interesting fellow.  I'm not sure of his breed so if anyone knows, I'd be grateful if they shared.  Anyway, he landed at the bath with his lunch in his mouth but first he apparently had to wash it.  I could post a dozen or more pictures of the steps he took to either wash it or beat it up, but I'll settle with two just so you get the idea.

This little goldfinch was a colorful visitor.

Also a colorful addition but not a very pleasant or desirable bird to have around was the blue jay.
And sometimes things even got a little crowded.  Here two fledgling bluebirds tried to get their baths in but were intruded on by this female cowbird.  (A cowbird is also a most undesirable feathered visitor.  Would you believe they don't even build nests or take care of their babies?  They lay their eggs in somebody else's nest after removing some of their eggs and allow an unsuspecting bird to not only hatch the eggs but raise the young.)

And speaking of undesirable, these blackbirds are not only unpleasant but I don't even think they're pretty with their beady yellow eyes and cantankerous ways.

So just to get back on an even and pleasant keel, we'll finish the birds segment of our post with this most desirable, delightful, and beautiful little bluebird singing in the sunshine.

 And finally, nothing says summer like fireworks.
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  1. Your posts definitely speaks summer! Your koi pond looks amazing and I CANNOT WAIT to get there and see it in person! The birds are beautiful, I've been trying so hard to keep my bird bath full, I hope to start seeing more and more birds enjoying it, in fact, Jenna just filled it for me. Great job on your photos, as always!!

  2. Wonderful captures. Love those bathing bird shots-- and the first firework is beautiful! Your koi are amazing! I'd love to have one some day :)

  3. I love the koi pond! I absolutely love your your shots of the bird taking a bath! I bet they are very greatful.


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