Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Just An Ordinary January Weekend

Despite the terrible weather we've been having and were having on Saturday morning, we ventured out Saturday afternoon on a brief sojourn to Louisville, KY to see out brand new 18th grandchild and his family.

You'd think going 300 miles South would reward us with bare, cold ground instead of snow but no, that wasn't the case. There was a solid ground cover of snow from here to there and back again.

On the plus side, Trey Cooper is growing and even more beautiful than he was. Who would have thought that was possible. You'd better have a peek:

What do you think? One of the cutest babies ever?

Of course, we got to spend some time with his older siblings and that was wonderful. Here's a peek at them:

And then there's the customary family shot that I always try to get when we part from one of our beloved children and their families:

Aren't they a beautiful family?!

So we breezed down and back and didn't encounter any really bad driving conditions. We spent about 10 hours on the road for about an 18 hour visit including sleep time.

I have two thoughts about that. I'm so glad that I'm at the stage in my life to have the kind of freedom to do something like this. AND..

it was worth every minute of it.


  1. Not only is Trey the cutest baby ever, but his family is beautiful. They look very happy! I'm glad you got to go see them without any driving problems.

  2. I'm so glad you guys got to go! I can't wait to meet that beautiful little boy! They sure are a beautiful family....

  3. So adorable, love the 3rd one,looks like he's about ready to say something! Great to go see them....hopefully you can make frequent trips to watch him grow up!

  4. Sarah looks amazing for just having a baby!


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