Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Capture - Winter

First of all I'm glad (and not surprised) that my daughter is too smart to drive while taking winter pictures. That said, here are some pictures of what winter means to me.

First of all it means that the koi pond that I enjoy so much in fair weather becomes a source of stress in winter because even when there is the required hole in the ice to allow gasses to escape and even though I'm sure all the koi are in a sleepy stupor at the bottom of the pond, you never really know what's going on down there until everything thaws in the Spring. Here's how unpleasant and worrisome it looks now.

And look at the birdbath where there's no room for birds.

And look where I like to sit. There's certainly no room for me now even if I wanted to sit out here.
It's all so black and white, isn't it. Winter has taken over. We're locked inside (except for the snow shoveling and who wants to embrace THAT!

But I found some beauty. I just don't know if I captured it. Here are my efforts.

And the thing I love the most about this winter is that I'm retired from being an all-walking mail carrier. I'm starting to think my timing was exquisite.

For more You Capture or to join in the fun and post your own winter shots, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry.


  1. I think you did a lovely job capturing the beauty! Even the shots of the Koi pond, the birdbath and your chair are beautiful even if they represent angst for you! I'm sure your Koi are enjoying their long winter's nap! :)

  2. Wonderful shots! I'd love for snow like that. Here in SW Ontario we haven't seen nearly as much as we usually do.

  3. Oh no, where are those poor birdies going to wash themselves? ha! I really like that shot. You could almost feel the cold.

  4. Oh those wonderful walking mail carriers! My uncle was one of your breed not long ago. Glad you get to stay inside now! Gorgeous pictures!

  5. My bird bath looks like that, too! Beautiful shots...

  6. The first shot of the evergreen is really beautiful. I like the koi pond, too!

  7. The bubbling koi pond and the snow-mounded birdbath are my favorites -- nicely done!

  8. I always wondered what your job was. No wonder you are so happy to be retired. That had to be a hard job. I think you captured the beauty perfectly. Great captures as always.

  9. Wow that is a lot of snow. THanks for sharing.


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