Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jenna Corinne

Jenna's birthday post is very very late and that's just wrong because Jenna was very very early.

She was born nine years ago Wednesday. I didn't get to be there for two reasons. One - I was at work. And two - she was born by emergency c-section after a premature separation of the placenta at 33 weeks.

And my she was tiny.

She was born weighing just over 3 pounds but soon dropped below. We were concerned for awhile but she was strong and she was a fighter and within a few months, she was looking so much older.

And by her first birthday, she had pretty much caught up with other babies her age. Except that instead of birthday cake, she got..... peas!

Not really! Just tricking. On her first birthday, she got birthday cake just like everybody else and she enjoyed it with great relish.

When she was very young, she enjoyed a lot of the same things that other children like but somehow she seemed to take everything just a step further. For example, she didn't just play with pots and pans, she joined the pots and pans and became part of them.

One day when she was about 15 months old and had never taken her first step, she was outside watching the other children play.

When she decided to stand up.

And start walking. Just like that!

At age one, she was watching TV with her big brother, Jeremy....

At two, she was showing signs of being a model with a great sense of fashion

Also at age two, she met her new cousin Anna - not knowing that someday soon they would be fast friends.

Years have passed and many interests have started to grab her attention....

But some things have remained the same. Anna and Jenna continue to be BFF's..

And Jenna continues to be a beautiful little girl.... who is tiny but strong and mighty.

She loves to help out the new kids in school, the younger kids, and anybody else that needs a helping hand. Her teachers love her as much as her family (both at home and extended) and we're all proud of the wonderful girl that she has become.

So Jenna, Happy 9th Birthday! I'm sorry it's late but it's no less heartfelt. We love you!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post SO much! (I'm not biased or anything)...and I haven't been checking it everyday because I was so excited to see it ;) I really really do love it, it was so much fun to see the series of pictures, so amazing and funny! Thanks Mom!

  2. Mary, I love that you are doing these posts and we get to meet your beautiful grandkids. I only know two, so I am truly enjoying this. I think Jenna looks like you. Happy Birthday Jenna!

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories! I think you should print them out to keep for them when they are old enough to truely appreciate them!

    Happy Birthday to Miss Jenna!

  4. She's so pretty! I love that you do these posts. What a priceless gift.


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