Thursday, January 14, 2010

Superbaby Turns One

One year ago today I was lucky enough to join my daughter and grandson-in-law in the room where my granddaughter was going to deliver her first baby. That labor was ...well laborious. I saw my granddaughter reach way down deep and pull up strength and stamina that I didn't know she had all so that she could avoid a c-section. She did what I don't think I could have and it was dramatic and emotional. I don't know when I've been so proud of her. Of course, when she got to that transition part, she was begging for a c-section but we all know how crazy we get at that stage of labor.

Jack was finally born and we all wondered if he would be the Superbaby that Mr. Right had dreamed about.

And as it turned out, I think he might be.

Here he is at eight months, watching TV with his cousin:

Jack was walking at 9 months. But by 10 months he wasn't just stepping from place to place or person to person. He was walking all over the place like it was his job:

Also at ten months it began to appear that he was destined to be a rock star someday. He could handle a guitar like nobody's business:

And he even did some dancing while he played:

He's also very loving especially to his Great Grandpa who seems to get more sweet baby hugs than anybody:

He can throw a ball and say lots of words.... especially ball. And he's the sweetest little great grand baby we've ever had.

So Jack Victor, keep on smiling!

'Cause we can't wait to see what you're going to do next year!

Happy Birthday, Superbaby!


  1. Oh my gosh Mary, he is just as sweet and cute as he can be. Happy Birthday Superbaby!!

  2. Well I wonder where my original post went...this is confusing. But I especially LOVE this post, he truly is superbaby!!!! We sure are lucky Grandmas, aren't we??? I really love the last picture you have of him on here, I've never seen it before...Happy Birthday Jack (again lol) Great post!!!


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